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How Alli Works

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Alli in the digestive system...

Alli at work
Alli pills work within the digestive system. When we eat, the fat in our food (triglycerides) enters into the digestive system. Enzymes (lipases) in the gut break down the fat into free fatty acids (monoglycerides) that can be easily absorbed by the intestines. This process happens every time we eat. We need some fat to give us energy. Usually, fat is burnt by doing physical activity, however we end up storing fat in our bodies if we consume too much fat and/or do not exercise regularly. This is how we put on weight.
Alli (Orlistat) works by attaching itself to the lipases in the gut that would want to break down fat. About 25% of the consumed fat is not broken down per meal, thus preventing that fat from being absorbed. The undigested fat passes through the intestines and becomes incorporated within your stools.

Getting the full benefits out of Alli

Alli is designed to be taken to enhance a weight loss programme; a calorie controlled diet and exercise. If you take Alli but continue with unhealthy eating habits, it will not be very effective. Alli cannot prevent 75% of fat from being absorbed. It won't stop excess sugar and refined carbohydrates from being absorbed either. High quantities of refined carbohydrates also cause weight gain and can lead to heart disease and diabetes and weight gain. An effect of consuming large amounts of fat whilst taking Alli is the undigested fat will affect your faeces; stools will become more oily and loose. This is how you are encouraged to eat a low fat diet whilst taking Alli, to avoid these treatment effects.

Following the Alli diet requires commitment and re-evaluation of your attitude and approach to food. The Alli programme helps you to understand the food you are consuming, how your body uses the energy provided and how to avoid fat becoming stored. Alli works gradually and steadily along side your hard work. Express Chemist have put together some dietary ideas that might interest you. You might also like to incorporate a multivitamin to support your body whilst it adjusts to a new diet. Start your Alli programme by cutting down on high fat food. Though you don't need to cut out all fat when taking Alli; A single meal may contain up to 15g fat. Consuming fewer calories, on a reduced calorie/low fat diet and using Alli to block some of the remaining fat, means your body will begin using its fat stores for energy. By increasing regular exercise you will start to lose weight and feel better in yourself.

Are there after-effects from taking Alli?

The only main after-effect experienced with Alli depends on the amount of fat you eat. As mentioned above, 25% of the fat you eat will not be digested and will be excreted. The more fat consumed, the more fat will appear in your poo. This results in oily, loose stools or needing to go to the toilet regularly and/or flatulence. Not every one experiences these effects and they are not harmful to you. By cutting down the amount of fat in your diet, the more likely you are to avoid these unpleasant symptoms.

Alli does not interfere with sleeping patterns or the way certain medications work; such as antibiotics, cholesterol medication, statins (such as Zocor), hypertensive medication, migraine tablets, diabetes medications and birth control pills. However, please note that if you are experiencing regular diarrhoea due to excess fat in your stools, birth control medication may be passed through the body quickly and so additional contraceptives may be needed.

If you have a condition such as IBS, a thyroid problem or have undergone any form of gastric procedures, Alli may not be suitable for you. Consult your doctor first before committing to Alli.
If you want further details about whether you are suitable for Alli, Click here for more information...

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