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The human nose is a prominent feature of the face and has an important role in breathing and is the primary organ in the olfactory system. As such the nose is the focus of a number of medicine categories. The main conditions effecting the nose include allergy treatments and nasal congestion due to colds and flu. Snoring, spots and blackheads and nasal hair trimmers are also featured.
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Breathe Right

Nose Categories

  • Blackheads


    Blackheads are commonly found on the nose and are caused by a build up of excess oil and dead skin cells blocking the pores.

  • Colds and Flu

    Colds and Flu

    The symptoms of the common cold and flu can cause runny noses. Browse products to help relieve congestion.

  • Nasal Congestion

    Nasal Congestion

    Nasal congestion can result in blocked sinuses. Nasal passages become restricted which makes breathing through the nose difficult.

  • Nasal Drops and Balms

    Nasal Drops and Balms

    Nasal drops are a medicine used to clear nasal passages making breathing easier. Balms help reduce soreness of the nose and nostrils associated with colds or allergies.

  • Nasal Strips

    Nasal Strips

    Nose strips or nasal strips help alleviate congestion, cold symptoms and reduce snoring.

  • Nasal Sprays

    Nasal Sprays

    A complete range of medicated and natural nasal sprays to reduce nasal congestion.

  • Tissues


    A range of pocket, man-size and balm tissues to suit your needs.

  • Vapour Rubs and Oils

    Vapour Rubs and Oils

    Vapour Rubs and oils are rubbed on the chest, throat or back to help you breathe more easily. These vapour rubs are particularly useful at night to aid sleep.

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