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Alli Support, Planning and Progress

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The Alli programme

Inside your Alli 84 Pack or 42 pack, you will receive:
  • The pills in a sealed container.
  • A blue carry case (able to hold a days supply of Alli).
  • An information leaflet inside the box.
  • If you are a first time Alli user, you will also receive a free starter pack.
The idea of the Alli programme is that you don't just take the pill and wait for the weight to fall off. The Alli tablet is designed to enhance the effects of eating a low fat, calorie controlled diet, as well as keeping active. In your Alli Pack, the leaflet will provide information about using Alli, how to get started by setting your goal weight and setting calorie targets, as well as the benefits of losing weight. The starter pack/Starter Guide (provided separately) will show you how to plan your weight loss regime and monitor your progress. It also includes a booklet of yummy and simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Alli Starter Pack

What's the Alli Starter Guide?

Included in the Starter Guide:
  • An introduction to Alli and the Alli Programme.
  • An Alli Food Diary - You can fill in what you eat day by day.
  • "The taste of success" - a recipe booklet with tasty food suggestions throughout the day.
The starter pack comes FREE with your first order of Alli. It will provide you with tools to help you follow a sensible diet and how to get more active. It also offers support, keeping you motivated throughout your Alli diet. The recipe book enclosed suggests healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks! These ideas are simple to create and quite tasty.

Setting up your Alli healthy living plan

The first step is to decide on a weight loss goal. Remember, Alli works gradually with your new diet and is not a "quick fix" pill. Don't choose a too big goal to start off as this can be discouraging. You can set a smaller, realistic goal and once you reach that, you can set yourself another. You can lose an extra lb for every 2 you lose on your own through healthy eating and increased activity.
To help you work out your very first target weight, Express Chemist has a Goal Weight Calculator. With this you can work out an easy amount of weight to lose within a realistic time-frame. Click here for the Express Chemist Initial Goal Weight Calculator...

STEP 1: Make a note of your starting weight and aim to lose between 5-10% of your body weight as your first goal. Alli can offer gradual weight loss of 2lb per week if you stick to a low fat & calorie controlled diet.

STEP 2: Next, you need to figure out your daily intake of calories and fat. These are merely targets but you should try and stick to them every day if you want your Alli diet to work. In your information leaflet inside your pack of Alli (and also in your Alli starter Pack), there is a tool that helps you to figure out how many calories and fat you should stick to each day depending on your weight and the amount of activity you do.

STEP 3: Pick what day you want to begin taking Alli. It's recommended that the weekend is a better time to start, as you can relax and take time to become familiar with your new Alli regime. A week before your Alli course begins, start to reduce calories and fat in your diet. Maybe you can practice some of the recipes found in the Alli Starter Pack. You can also start to gradually cut down portion sizes and start getting a bit more active. This gives your body time to readjust to new eating habits.

Important! Avoid high fat foods: A key point is to cut out high fat food, in particular: Hard cheeses, cream cheese, sausages, processed meats, fried food, oils, butter, cream and cakes.

STEP 4: Set up an activity programme (optional). Measuring activity in small, realistic chunks is much easier. Short term goals are more effective for long term weight loss. You don't have to join a gym and even if you are really busy or tied to a desk all day, you can find new ways of incorporating activities to suit your life style.
You could try going for walks during your lunch break, walking to school with the children, taking the stairs, not the lift. Plan out the number of workouts you want to do a week or for a set time per day (ie, walking). If you wanted to try out more adventurous activities each week, you could go to a swimming class, get a trampoline or have a game of rounders or football with friends & family - get everyone involved! Just remember to take one step at a time.

Remember: Calories are eaten for energy but if they are not burnt by doing physical activity, the calories become stored fat. When you exercise, you use calories. During exercise, if you run out of calories you then start to burn your fat stores - This is good if you are over weight. This is why eating a low calorie diet AND exercising is so important.

Monitoring your progress

Alli Food Diary

Within the Alli Starter Pack there is a Food diary that you fill in each day. You can monitor what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, note down any activity you've done, check you've taken your Alli pills and a multivitamin, and note how you felt that day. This Alli Diary provides a months worth of pages.

To continue the diary and monitor your loss you can print off more diary pages from This site offers the option of joining the Alli online support plan which is a free service with a weight loss tracker, additional healthy recipes and ways to keep you motivated.\

How much weight can one expect to lose?

Alli can help you lose between 5 & 10% of your original weight in 6 months. Alli is designed to help you lose 1lb for every 2lbs you lose on your own. Alli works gradually with your diet and exercise plan. You can lose 1-2lbs a week with Alli. Express Chemist has a unique calculator, designed to work out your initial weight loss goal within a realistic time-frame. (This is different to our BMI calculator). Click here for the Express Chemist Initial Goal Weight Calculator...
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