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Alli Treatment Effects

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Alli treatment effects

Treatment Effect
Treatment effects, or TEs for short, is the term used by the manufacturers of Alli to describe the side effects associated with the product. As Alli works only in the digestive system, not the heart, brain or respiratory system, the term 'Treatment Effects' generally applies to the particular gastrointestinal side effects experienced by some users.

The Alli diet pill

Alli diet pills are an over-the-counter version of the weight-loss treatment Xenical (also known as Orlistat). Alli can assist a healthy, committed approach to long term, sustainable weight loss and it is not based on deprivation or starvation. When combined with an improved diet and regular exercise, Alli can help you lose 1lb for every 2lbs you lose by yourself.

How Alli works

Alli aids weight loss by reducing the amount of dietary fat that your body absorbs. In order to absorb fat, the body needs to break it down; it does this with enzymes. Alli works by inhibiting gastrointestinal lipase, the natural enzyme responsible for breaking down triglycerides, the main constituents of the natural fats and oils found in our diet.

In general, Alli prevents around 25% of ingested fat being from absorbed. This proportion of undigested fat passes through the gut and becomes incorporated within the stools.

Treatment effects

Naturally, having this excess fat present in the stool will have an effect on your bowels and bowel movements. According to the manufacturers, these 'treatment effects' include:

  • wind with oily spotting.
  • sudden bowel motions.

  • fatty/oily stools.
  • loose stools.

You are more likely to experience these side effects if you practice unhealthy eating habits while taking Alli. If you stick to the recommended fat levels per meal (15g of fat), you will be much less likely to experience any of these unpleasant consequences. Most Alli users will experience some sort of treatment effect at least once, usually due to eating too much fat, but rarely repeat their mistake. In fact, the fear of experiencing a treatment effect is good motivation for sticking with your diet and exercise plan!

Remember, each Alli capsule works on one meal at a time; if you eat less fat with one meal it doesn't mean that you can eat more fat with the next. With the Alli diet plan, 15g of fat is the recommended maximum allowed with each and every meal. If you eat to much fat, a treatment effect may be the not-to-pleasant reminded that you are straying from your weight loss goals.

The 'Alli oops'

As unpleasant as a treatment effect may (or may not) be, some people always try to look on the bright side. Some users of Alli have taken to calling treatment effects the 'Alli Oops'. There are many forums to be found on the subject, all with users sharing stories and advice, so you needn't feel that you are alone. Express Chemist can also help, we have a page of Alli diet tips and advice to help you make the right diet choices and avoid the Alli oops.

Reactions to the Alli side effects

Since its launch, Alli has gotten a lot of attention in the news; some good, some bad. To see some of these opinions and stories, please visit our Alli in the news page. If you are taking Alli or have something to say about the product, we are interested to know what you think. Do feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.
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    Alli is the first pharmacy-only weight loss supplement to be licensed for sale over-the-counter in the UK. If you would like to know more about Alli and what it could do for you, please visit our Alli page where you will find advice and information on a variety of topics, including how Alli works, how to take Alli, Alli diet tips, Alli support and a BMI calculator to see if you are suitable for Alli.

  • Alli - 84 Pack

    Alli - 84 Pack

    This 84-tablet pack gives you enough Alli for 28 days, provided you take the recommended 3 tablets a day. If you are thinking of trying Alli, but are unsure if it is the right product for you, then the Alli 42 tablet pack will be a good introduction.

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