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Cotton Wool

Cotton wool is a versatile and essential material widely used in both beauty and baby care routines. Its soft, absorbent, and gentle nature makes it a go-to choice for various purposes. From makeup removal to delicate baby skincare, cotton wool proves to be an indispensable tool. Discover the numerous benefits and tips for utilising cotton wool effectively in your beauty and baby care regime.

Cotton Wool Uses and Application:
Gentle Makeup Removal: Cotton wool's soft texture makes it ideal for removing makeup without causing irritation or harshness to the skin.
Applying Skincare Products: Use cotton wool to apply toners, serums, and lotions evenly onto the skin, ensuring better absorption.
Nail Care: It's perfect for removing nail polish or applying nail polish remover without leaving fibers behind.
Facial Cleansing: Use cotton wool with cleansers to gently cleanse the face and remove impurities, leaving the skin refreshed.
Delicate Baby Skin: Cotton wool's softness makes it perfect for cleaning a baby's delicate skin during nappy changes.
Gentle Wiping: Use dampened cotton wool to clean around a baby's eyes, nose, and ears without causing discomfort.
Applying Baby Products: It's great for applying baby lotions, oils, or creams evenly onto the skin.
Cleaning Wounds: Cotton wool can be used in first aid to clean minor cuts or abrasions gently.

How to Use Cotton Wool Effectively:
Choose high-quality Cotton Wool to ensure softness and minimise the risk of fibers irritating the skin.
Dampening the cotton wool slightly can make it gentler, especially for sensitive skin types.
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Cotton Wool

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