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image Contraception

Condoms have been one of the most popular methods of contraception in the world since the 1800s with forms of condoms having been used for over 400 years.

Sexual health is essential in aiding and maintaining an enjoyable sex life. The easiest way to maintain a safe and healthy sex life is to use contraception such as a condom or femidom.

Barrier methods of contraception such as condoms and femidoms are the most convenient way to protect against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. Remember, at Express Chemist we offer a fast and discreet service delivering contraception such as condoms and femidoms. If you would like to know more about sexual health, visit the Family Planning Association.
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Condom and Contraception Brands


Condom and Contraception Products

  • Condoms


    Condoms are the most effective method of preventing the spread of STIs and providing birth control.

  • Fertility Monitors

    Fertility Monitors

    Fertility monitors analyse female hormone levels to help prevent pregnancy or aid conception.

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