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Baby and Child

image Baby and Child

Baby and child health is at the forefront of any parents' mind and finding the right product for your little one can be a confusing task to face. The vast array of pain relief medication and health supplements for children can be daunting, particularly when your child is ill. Express Chemist can help to point you in the right direction by ensuring we have all of the information you may require prior to purchasing the perfect product for your child, as well as clearly marking what age the product is suitable from. We hope to make purchasing the right products for your child as simple as possible.

In the baby and child section you will find a large range of products specially designed and formulated for babies and children, including baby nappies, formula milk, and infant soothers/dummies to children's holiday products, child vitamins and child pain relief.
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Baby and Child Products

  • Nappies and Training Pants

    Nappies and Training Pants

    A range of nappies and training pants including ranges for premature babies, biodegradable nappies, disposable swimming nappies and training pants to suit your newborn or toddler.

  • Nappy Rash

    Nappy Rash

    Nappy rash occurs when the chemicals in urine and faeces break down the skin and cause irritation. It can be soothed and treated with the use of a cream at each nappy change.

  • Cradle Cap

    Cradle Cap

    Cradle cap does not pose any health risks to your baby and probably will not cause any irritation but can be cleared up by this selection of topical applications.

  • Colic and Gripe

    Colic and Gripe

    Colic is when babies cry persistently for no apparent reason but can be treated simply with a range of remedies found here, including gripe water.

  • Teething


    Teething can be a painful and distressing experience for a baby which can be treated by our range of natural and medicinal gels and powders.

  • Baby and Child Dental Care

    Baby and Child Dental Care

    A selection of baby and child dental care products for babies, toddlers and children, including dental wipes, chewable toothbrushes and specially formulated toothpastes.

  • Formula Milk

    Formula Milk

    A range of nutritionally complete infant formula milk for infants that are not breastfed due to premature digestive systems or specialist diets.

  • Baby And Child Body Washes

    Baby And Child Body Washes

    Popular and branded baby and child bubble baths and body washes that are gentle enough for babies and young children.

  • Baby and Child Sundries

    Baby and Child Sundries

    A selection of baby and child sundries such as brushes, sponges, nail scissors and clippers, cotton wool, wipes and cotton buds.

  • Premature Baby Care

    Premature Baby Care

    Here you can find a selection of nappies, bottles and formula milk especially suited for premature baby care.

  • Baby and Child Skin Care and Cleansing

    Baby and Child Skin Care and Cleansing

    Baby and child skin care and cleansing lotions, powders, shampoos, bubble baths and oils which are all gentle enough to use on their skin to keep it healthy, soft and supple.

  • Baby and Child Health and Safety

    Baby and Child Health and Safety

    A selection of baby and child health and safety products to help keep the little people in your life safe from harm, such as plug protectors, drawer locks and soothers.

  • Baby and Child Skin Conditions

    Baby and Child Skin Conditions

    Treat and soothe a variety of common baby and child skin conditions, including conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and baby acne.

  • Chicken Pox

    Chicken Pox

    Chicken pox symptoms can include fever, headache, nausea and aching muscles and rash but can be treated to relieve the symptoms and reduce itching.

  • Warts and Verrucas

    Warts and Verrucas

    Ointments, gels, liquids and treatment systems from Bazuka, Scholl, Wartner and other leading brands to treat warts and verrucas.

  • Head Lice and Nits

    Head Lice and Nits

    Head lice and nits can be treated by a range of chemical and natural formulas as well as by removal combs, repellents and electronic devices.

  • Worms


    Worms can spread easily amongst children but those affected can be treated simply.

Popular Baby and Child Brands

Baby Dove
Beaming Baby
Benylin Children's
Full Marks
Nurofen for Children
Organic Babies
Peppa Pig
Tommee Tippee

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