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Holiday and Travel

image Holiday and Travel

Stay safe, comfortable and protected whether travelling the globe or spending a weekend at the sea side. Before you travel always prepare for every eventuality; take a look at our range of products to help check of your travel list.
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Sun Protection

  • Staycation Essentials

    Staycation Essentials

    Staying at home this summer? We have an extensive range of everything you need for this season, whether it be sun care to shaving. Pick up your essentials here.

  • Sun Care For Babies And Children

    Sun Care For Babies And Children

    Babies and children should be kept in the shade between 11am & 3pm especially around midday. Children should wear an oversized t/shirt, hat and glasses and cover any exposed skin with sunscreen. There many sun protection products available for babies and children's sensitive, delicate skin.

  • Sun Care For The Face

    Sun Care For The Face

    At Express Chemist we have a range of SPF UVA/UVB sun protection face creams and lotions for oily, sensitive to dry skin types.

  • Sunburn Relief

    Sunburn Relief

    Sunburnt skin can be minor or serious and very uncomfortable. Severe sunburn will require more intense treatments and the use of skin healing products. Express Chemist also have anti-itch products plus soothing and cooling gels.

Medical Supplies

  • Cooling Sprays

    Cooling Sprays

    Keep cool in the heat with a range of super cooling body and face sprays.

  • Migraine


    If you are prone to getting heat stroke and migraines, Take a look at our range of migraine tablets and soothing, cooling gel patches.


  • Batteries and Adaptors

    Batteries and Adaptors

    A selection of mains international travel power adapters as well as popular batteries to power your devices while travelling.