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Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is caused by the nose membranes swelling up due to certain irritants, such as viral infections, allergies, pollutants, chemicals and air conditioning. Having a blocked sinus means the nasal passages become thinner which makes breathing difficult. When nasal congestion occurs, the immune system of the blocked sinus often tries to counteract the irritation and may stimulate eyes to water or nose to run.
image Nasal Congestion

A wide ranges of nasal congestion relief, including nasal sprays, vapour rubs, lozenges and devices, as well as specialist respiratory care devices for expelling mucus, plug in vaporisers and products to relieve snoring symptoms. Vapour-releasing pastilles and lozenges can help clear nasal passages whilst they dissolve. Tablets and liquids work along with a painkiller to relieve additional symptoms associated with congestion. Soothing menthol rubs are an excellent way to loosen heavy mucus on the chest, as well as helping to clear nasal passages.
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Popular Decongestant Brands

Nasal Congestion Products

  • Decongestants


    Decongestant oral suspensions and capsules to relieve the symptoms of blocked sinuses.

  • Vapour Rubs

    Vapour Rubs

    Vapour rubs can be rubbed on the chest, throat or back to relieve nasal congestion, sore throats and coughs.

  • Nasal Inhalants

    Nasal Inhalants

    A range of nasal inhalants including natural oils to help clear nasal congestion.

  • Expectorants


    Various pastilles, capsules, tablets and tinctures that act as expectorants to help reduce and expel nasal mucus.

  • Respiratory Care Devices

    Respiratory Care Devices

    A range of respiratory care devices for infants, children and adults to help clear the symptoms of nasal congestion.

  • Nasal Aspirators

    Nasal Aspirators

    Nasal aspirators are ideal to use to help remove nasal congestion especially from babies and toddlers nostrils as they are unable to blow their noses.

  • Sinus Flush

    Sinus Flush

    In addition to clearing mucus and allergens from your nasal passages, a nasal flush can also open up sinus passages, allowing easier breathing.

  • Snoring


    Products providing relief from the symptoms of snoring.

  • Tissues


    A range of tissues, including medicated and vapour-release varieties.

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