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Weight Loss and Slimming

image Weight Loss and Slimming

Weight loss and slimming have become big business and there are many companies manufacturing apparent miracle cures and treatments. There is, of course, no guaranteed fast weight loss; this takes determination and effort. Adopting a healthier lifestyle may seem overwhelming but this doesn't mean drastic differences have to be made. A little difference to our daily routine can have a significant impact on effective weight loss.

The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to acquire high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. You also increase the likelihood of suffering a stroke and your general quality of life can be affected by conditions such as back pain, joint problems, sleeplessness and breathing problems.

Express Chemist has a range of products and weight loss information to help you with your weight loss plan, including a weight loss calculator necessary for figuring out your BMI when purchasing slimming supplements such as Alli.
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Weight Loss Brands

Slimming and Weight Loss Support

  • Popular Weight Loss Products

    Popular Weight Loss Products

    If you are familiar with slimming or looking for weight loss help, then take a look at our range of popular weight loss products.

  • Slimming Supplements

    Slimming Supplements

    Slimming supplements and herbal remedies that can help weight loss, including fat binders, appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters.

  • Fitness Equipment

    Fitness Equipment

    A range of fitness equipment including pedometers, weight scales and body toners to support weight loss and exercise.

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring

    Blood Glucose Monitoring

    Ranges of accurate, easy-to-use blood glucose monitoring products, including finger pricking devices to test for weight-related conditions such as diabetes.

Weight Loss Information

  • Weight Loss FAQs

    Weight Loss FAQs

    Answers to common weight loss FAQs such as what is a healthy weight, do I need to lose weight and why should I lose weight?

BMI Calculator

A handy weight loss BMI calculator to determine your Body Mass Index; a measure of how heavy you are for your height.
  • Am I Overweight?

    Am I Overweight?

    Advice on how to determine whether you have a healthy weight, including information on BMI, waist circumference, body fat percentage and waist-hip ratio.

  • Healthy Weight Loss

    Healthy Weight Loss

    Practical information on healthy weight loss including healthy exercise, what is a healthy rate of weight loss and the myth of the miracle weight loss cure.

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