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Baby and Child Sundries

Keeping your baby or child clean and groomed is simple when using baby and child sundries such as brushes, sponges, nail scissors and clippers, cotton wool, baby wipes and cotton buds. Express Chemist can offer you a selection of products from a trusted variety of brands to help with washing and grooming your little one.
image Baby and Child Sundries

Whether you are looking for nail scissors or clippers or a baby soft brush we can help. We also have a large selection of cotton wool products and wipes which are always very useful at nappy changing time or for generally keeping your child clean.
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Popular Brands

Baby & Child Sundries

  • Cotton Wool

    Cotton Wool

    Lovely and soft cotton wool very absorbent and perfect for using with water to top and tail wash little one's and to clean in between their fingers and toes.

  • Cotton Buds

    Cotton Buds

    Cotton Buds are ideal for cleaning around babies eyes, nose, outer ears and in between fingers and toes.

  • Nappies and Training Pants

    Nappies and Training Pants

    A selection of disposable nappies from trusted brands such as Pampers
    and Huggies. Biodegradable and eco friendly nappies from Beaming Baby and Bambo. Also available pull up underwear ideal for potty training.

  • Nappy Sacks

    Nappy Sacks

    Available a select range of biodegradable as well as value nappy sacks, a convenient way to dispose of dirty disposable nappies.

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