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Alli is a weight loss treatment with a difference; it is clinically validated and pharmacy-licenced for over-the-counter sale.

Alli has been clinically proven help those with a BMI of 28 and over, lose weight sensibly. It's active ingredient is Orlistat, the same active ingredient found in Xenical, a prescription-only weight loss treatment. Because it is a pharmacy-licensed and clinically validated weight loss treatment, Alli is unlike any other weight loss product that has previously been available in the UK.

For every 2lbs you lose from eating healthily, Alli will help you lose an extra 1lb. It works by stopping a percentage of the fat you eat from being absorbed, helping to boost your weight loss by 50%.

Alli is a weight loss programme consisting of 3 pills taken daily along side a low-fat, calorie controlled diet. 1 Alli tablet contains 60mg of the drug Orlistat which helps prevent about a quarter of the fat eaten in every meal from being absorbed by the body. Note, however, that you can't just take Alli and pig out as it stops some fat from being absorbed into the body, but not all of it. In addition, taking Alli will not prevent sugar or carbohydrates from being absorbed into the body (which is a good thing to a degree, because the body needs some sugar, carbohydrates and some fat).

About Alli
Alli diet pills offer a fresh approach to long term, sustainable weight loss and it is not based on deprivation or starvation. If you combine Alli with a healthy diet and exercise, it is possible lose 1lb with Alli for every 2lbs you lose by yourself! You are not alone, a whole network of people are trying Alli too. Included in the Alli programme is a support pack with advice and extra information about managing your diet and how to monitor your weight. The Alli programme helps you to re-think the way you eat, allowing you to live more healthily.

The history of Alli
Alli contains the drug Orlistat and used to be marketed under the name of Xenical; a medicine available only on prescription since 1998. Alli is the over-the-counter version of Xenical and is available from UK pharmacies including Express Chemist. Alli is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and has been clinically tested, both for its safety and effectiveness. The launch of Alli has already been a huge success in the USA. There has been some controversy as to whether it's a good idea to take a pill to lose weight rather than change your eating habits - but we hope it can be seen that Alli is different in that it is a whole support package, and not just a quick fix. And Alli is very effective.

Who should use Alli?
Alli is licensed for use in patients who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28 or more, which means that by law, you must be overweight in order to purchase Alli from Express Chemist or indeed any pharmacy. You can calculate your BMI using our BMI calculator. The recommended dose of Alli is one capsule with each of your three meals per day. There are a number of other criteria that you should satisfy before you are allowed to take Alli, so it's important to consult our guide: "Am I suitable for Alli?"

What makes Alli any different to other weight loss pills?

The difference between Alli and any other non-prescription treatment is that Alli has a pharmacy licence. This means that it has had to undergo rigorous clinical testing before its release, to ensure that it is both safe and effective. Alli does not make any claims that cannot be substantiated, and is not sold as a miracle cure; instead, it acts to support your weight-loss programme in a clinically proven manner.
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Alli Pills

  • Alli Pills 84

    Alli Pills 84

    Alli pack of 84 - Includes capsule case and information leaflet.

    • Alli is a weight loss capsule designed to be used with a support programme and healthy life style.
    • Alli is suitable for those over 18 years with a Body Mass Index over 28.
    • Alli will help you lose weight gradually.

    (incl VAT)

Alli Information

  • Alli FAQs

    Alli FAQs

    Find out the best way to take Alli - This includes related frequently asked questions, and how long you should keep up the treatment for. It's recommended that if you have not reached your target weight loss goal within 6 months, then you keep dieting but take a break from using Alli for a couple of weeks. This will give your body time to recover.

BMI Calculator

A handy BMI calculator that can be used to determine whether you are suitable for Alli. The BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a measure of how heavy you are for your height. By law, we can only sell Alli to you if you are above a certain weight for your height, so you need a BMI of 28 or more to be suitable to use Alli.
  • Am I Suitable for Alli?

    Am I Suitable for Alli?

    Alli isn't a quick fix or miracle pill. Taking Alli goes hand in hand with a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet. As a pharmacy, we are bound by law to be responsible so we are not allowed to sell treatments that may harm you. Here you can find out if you are eligible to take Alli and whether you are ready to commit to the diet.

  • How Alli Works

    How Alli Works

    Find out how Alli diet pills actively work in your body and how to get the most out of taking the Alli programme. This guide explains how the active ingredient prevents fat from being digested and hence how Alli effectively reduces the calorie content of your food.

  • Alli Support, Planning and Progress

    Alli Support, Planning and Progress

    Thousands of people have opted for Alli to help them slim. Changing your life style and keeping on track can be tricky. With every Alli pack, you receive a handy starter guide that tells you how Alli will change your lifestyle. Find out how to prepare, monitor your progress and reach your target weight!

Alli Weight Loss Target Calculator

A useful calculator for seeing how quickly you can lose weight with Alli, and setting realistic targets. This calculator also lets you know your BMI and how many packs of Alli you would need to buy.
  • About Orlistat

    About Orlistat

    Orlistat is the active ingredient of Alli. It is also the active ingredient of the prescription medicine called "Xenical". Read all about Orlistat and Alli in our in-depth guide.

  • Xenical


    Information about Xenical. Available since 1998, Xenical is a prescription-only weight loss treatment containing Orlistat, the same active ingredient used in alli.

  • Alli in the News

    Alli in the News

    Alli has generated a lot of debate in the press. Some people are hailing it as a major step forward, whereas others are concerned about side effects and think that people need to change their mentality rather than to take a pill. Some are simply asking 'does Alli work?' Take a look at some of the opinions about Alli here, and give your opinion too.

  • Diet Advice

    Diet Advice

    Even before you begin taking Alli, you will need to re-think the way you eat, the way you cook and what you eat. Express Chemist have summarised simple eating tips that you may choose to follow in order to lose weight. The most important thing is to eat less fat. Eating less fat will reduce the risk of side-effects from Alli, as well as reducing your calorie content overall.

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