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Fertility and Conception

image Fertility and Conception

Fertility conception and pregnancy tests are a reliable and convenient means for gauging progress when trying to conceive. Whether you need a fertility or ovulation test in the early stages of conception or require a pregnancy test, Express Chemist stock many varieties, including fertility monitors manufactured by Clearblue as well as their fertility monitor.

Alongside the ovulation and pregnancy tests stocked are prenatal and postnatal supplements specially formulated for conception, birth, breastfeeding and beyond.
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  • Female Fertility

    Female Fertility

    Take note of your current health and lifestyle and how this could be influencing your fertility level... We give you a simple checklist to get you started.

  • Male Fertility

    Male Fertility

    Are you ready to become the proud father...? With just a few minor changes to your lifestyle you could significantly increase your fertility level.

Fertility and Conception Products

  • Fertility Monitors

    Fertility Monitors

    Fertility monitors analyse female hormone levels to help prevent pregnancy or aid conception.

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