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image Pedicure

A pedicure can improve the appearance of the feet and the toenails and can help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders such as fungal nail infections.

Once your feet are clean and free from hard skin from using pedicure products, a cream for cracked heels and dry skin can also benefit the feet.
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  • Foot Masks and Pads

    Foot Masks and Pads

    A selection of masks to give you feet a boost of hydration, whilst also feeling pampered

  • Foot Soaks

    Foot Soaks

    Foot Soaks absorb through the skin to remove toxins and ease tired, aching feet. Combination of salts and essential oils to keep feet stress free and soften feet.

  • Heel Balms

    Heel Balms

    Heel Balms are specifically formulated to intensely hydrate and nourish dry, cracked skin on the balls of the feet.

  • Toenail Scissors and Clippers

    Toenail Scissors and Clippers

    Trimming toenails correctly and maintaining their health requires using clippers and scissors that have been specifically designed for this purpose.

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