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Nose, Throat and Chest

Nose, Throat and chest conditions affect everyone, so respiratory aids can dramatically improve the quality of people's lives. Keeping the air in our environment clean and pure is important to us.
image Nose, Throat and Chest

For those that suffer from asthma or are sensitive to airborne allergies, purifying the air around them can relieve symptoms.
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Nose, Throat and Chest Conditions

  • Nasal Congestion

    Nasal Congestion

    For treating nasal congestion, choose from vapour rubs, nasal sprays and other menthol remedies to ease breathing quickly.

  • Natural Cough and Cold Remedies

    Natural Cough and Cold Remedies

    Natural cough and cold remedies formulated with traditional herbal ingredients without the use of medicine, including tinctures, syrups, oils, inhalants, pastilles, lozenges and sprays.

  • Echinacea


    Echinacea is a natural medicinal plant treatment for the symptomatic relief of coughing, congestion, sore throats and the onset of flu.

  • Stop Smoking

    Stop Smoking

    Help to stop smoking with a comprehensive range of products to soothe cravings and ease the body's dependency on nicotine.

  • Snoring


    No more sleepless nights with this range of snoring prevention products, including nasal strips, sprays and mouthpieces.

  • Allergies


    Deal with various allergies, including urticaria, dermatitis, hay fever and food with a range of tablets, sprays, syrups and eye drops.

  • Hay Fever

    Hay Fever

    Hay fever can be treated with antihistamine tablets, allergy eye drops, anti-inflammatory sprays, anti-allergy sprays and nasal decongestants.

  • Asthma


    Asthma causes a constriction of the airways to the lungs, causing a shortness of breath for the sufferer. It cannot be cured, yet its symptoms can be reduced.

  • Respiratory Care Devices

    Respiratory Care Devices

    A range of respiratory care devices for infants, children and adults to help clear the symptoms of nasal congestion.

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