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Women's Health

image Women's Health

Make sure your body is fighting fit with our range of supplements to help deal with dietary requirements, menopausal symptoms, conception and pregnancy, menstrual symptoms, urinary health and hair and beauty problems.
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Women's Health Supplements

  • Multivitamins for Women

    Multivitamins for Women

    Multivitamins for women. Taking a daily multivitamin to supplement a healthy diet is useful for women at different stages in your life. Planning for a family or for ages over 40, 50 or 60.

  • Menopause Supplements

    Menopause Supplements

    The menopause occurs in all women. It happens when hormone production drops below the level required to continue ovulation. The menopause can affect a womens sex life, trigger mood swings and cause unpleasant hot flushes.

  • Period Pain Supplements

    Period Pain Supplements

    Health supplements for hormonal balancing, related bad moods, period pains, and hormonal acne. Products range from Multi-vitamins, Evening Primrose Oil, Agnus Castus to St.John's Wort... also Femal Pollen Pistil Extract.

  • Hair and Skin Supplements

    Hair and Skin Supplements

    Vitamins and minerals are essential to health and vitality, and consequently to the health and appearance of skin and hair.

  • Vitex Agnus-Castus

    Vitex Agnus-Castus

    Vitex Agnus-Castus provides progesterone like compounds which the body produces naturally before the menopause, it can help maintain balance during this transition period.

  • Ginseng


    Ginseng is a natural remedy that can help you deal with stress (both physical & mental), tension and fatigue. Can also help to balance out female hormones.

  • GLA Rich Oils

    GLA Rich Oils

    GLA is a fatty acid needed by the body for the production of certain hormones that take part in regulating the nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems, skin condition and other biological functions

  • Folic Acid

    Folic Acid

    Folic acid is an essential supplement to take before conception and during pregnancy.

  • Iron


    Iron is a mineral required for maintaining fitness and health. Currently 9 out of 10 women do not consume enough iron

  • Vitamin E

    Vitamin E

    Taking a supplement of vitamin E can help reduce hot flushes

  • Cranberry


    Women are 10 times more likely to suffer from urinary tract infections than men. Cranberry has long been known for its ability to help maintain the health of the urinary system

  • Sage


    Sage, also known as Salvia officinalis, can be used for the relief of hot flushes and night sweats often experienced during the menopause

  • St John's Wort

    St John's Wort

    St Johns's Wort is a therapeutic herb used to treat mild depression, anxiety and agitation. It can help with low moods associated with the menopause

  • Water Retention

    Water retention, or oedema, remedies and tablets that help to eliminate excess water. Relieve the discomfort of water retention.