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Xailin Night Lubricating Eye Ointment 5g

Product code: 3861614
(incl VAT)
Xailin Night gel is free from preservatives. Xailin Night Lubricating Eye Ointment is a white, translucent soft ointment for night-time relief of dry eye sensations.
  • Treats sore, irritated and gritty eyes.
  • Strong, soothing relief of night-time dry eyes.
  • Xailin Night gel creates a barrier against moisture loss.
  • May be used during pregnancy.
  • Preservative free.
  • Free from foreign matters
Directions for Use:
Apply a thin line of Xailin Night ointment about half an inch (1 centimeter), placed in each eye whenever needed.

Xailin Night Ingredients:
White soft paraffin 57.3% w/w, White mineral oil 42.5% w/w, Lanolin alcohols 0.2% w/w.