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Cosmetic Skin Products

image Cosmetic Skin Products

Listed below are skin care products designed for specific skin types. This includes facial moisturisers and cleansers for those with oily or dry skin, anti-ageing products and products to help prevent the causes of ageing from damaging the skin (eg. high SPF sun creams).

If you want to try to combat marks such as stretch marks, cellulite, rosacea and scars, take a look at our Scar and Blemish Reduction and Cellulite and Stretch Marks categories for creams, gels and silicone treatments.
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Skin Care Products

  • Oily Skin Types

    Oily Skin Types

    Treatments, washes, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, shaving and make-up products for people with oily skin.

  • Anti-Ageing


    UVA and UVB protection and giving up smoking will help to stop premature ageing! Here at Express Chemist, we can provide a variety of treatments and methods that can delay the ageing process.

  • Cellulite and Stretch Marks

    Cellulite and Stretch Marks

    The appearance of these two skin conditions cause women a lot of anguish. Help reduce their appearance and take preventative measures with the strategic use of a serum, cream or oil.

  • Scar and Blemish Reduction

    Scar and Blemish Reduction

    Flatten, soften and reduce the appearance of scars resulting from surgery, burns or other injuries. Choose one from our range to best suit your type of scarring or blemish...

Make up

Specialist Skincare Brands

  • Bio-Oil


    Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product developed to help improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The oil also softens, nourishes and tones the skin.

  • Cetaphil


    Cetaphil is one of the most thoroughly studied moisturising and cleansing skin care range. It is suitable for dry, sensitive and oily skin.

  • Clarins


    Clarins has been creating cosmetics and skin care since the 1950's. Their range of body and facial products is very comprehensive: from skin repair and firming to self-tan and sun protection.

  • Fade Out

    Fade Out

    Fade Out is a range developed for Blemishes, Marks and Roseacea. Fade Out products can actively reduce or remove skin blemishes, brown marks and facial redness.

  • Flexitol Skin Care

    Flexitol Skin Care

    Flexitol skin care was researched and developed in Australia. All products are still manufactured there and exported throughout the world. They produce foot, nail and dry skin care products.

  • La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay presents a generation of products sold exclusively by pharmacies. A range of skincare products for all skin types; even the most sensitive. Dermatologists worldwide recommend La Roche-Posay skincare products.

  • Nuage Skin

    Nuage Skin

    The phenomenal Nuage skincare range, including facial wash gel and facial scrub which are 100% perfume free and formulated for all skin types, and skin moisturisers enriched with Honey and Vitamin E especially to care for the needs of those with sensitive skin.

  • Palmer's


    Palmer's is a moisturising range all containing cocoa butter. Developed for marks & scars. It softens & relieves rough, dry skin.

  • Salcura


    A range formulated using Natural Aromatherapy Oils, vitamins and minerals. Salcura products are free from: parabens, steroids, and Petrochemicals and are designed to treat and care for problem skin such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, rashes and thrush. Salcura do not test on animals.

  • Vichy


    Specialised skincare products for a variety of skin types and conditions including the NormaDerm and Aqualia range.