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Shaving and Hair Removal

image Shaving and Hair Removal

A range of shaving and hair removal products and ranges, including facial hair removal and men hair removal. Available are women's hair removal products such as epilators, depilation and hair lighteners, as well as men's shaving foams, creams and gels, razors and blades and electric shavers and accessories.
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Shaving and Hair Removal Products

  • Men's Shaving

    Men's Shaving

    An extensive range of men's shaving razors, electric shavers, shaving creams, gels, balms, hair removal creams and hair clippers.

  • Women's Hair Removal

    Women's Hair Removal

    Women's hair removal products such as shavers, epilation, razors, waxing and depilation as well as hair lightening products.

  • Wet Shaving

    Wet Shaving

    Wet shaving with a razor and shaving gel, cream, foam or oil is the preferred shaving method for most men.

  • Sensitive Skin Shaving

    Sensitive Skin Shaving

    Products specially developed for sensitive skin shaving, including shaving gels, foams, oils and balms.

  • Waxing


    Cold waxing strips to remove hair from the root.

  • Hair Lightening

    Hair Lightening

    Hair lightening creams are specifically designed for lightening brow, upper lip and arm hair.

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