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Health and Advice

A resource that aims to provide information on specific health conditions and to promote healthy lifestyles. The focus of these articles are to increase personal well-being and health. Areas covered include exercising more, managing weight, reducing stress, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake and sleeping better.
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  • Am I overweight?

    Am I overweight?

    Eating well and the benefits of a balanced diet are important for your health. One measure of calculating if you are overweight is by measuring your BMI (Body Mass Index) value. Please see our BMI calculator page. It may also be of interest to view our Weight Loss FAQs.

  • Hair Loss

    Hair Loss

    Your hair is part of your identity and a loss of hair can lower your confidence and impact upon your everyday life. Hereditary hair loss, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, Alopecia, thinning hair are all terms or conditions that relate to hair loss. Find more information about both male and female hair loss.

  • Muscle Cramps

    Muscle Cramps

    Information about muscle cramps. What is a muscle cramp, the causes and prevention methods? Are products available to treat this condition?

  • Stress Support

    Stress Support

    Stress can take its toll both on our physical and mental health. See our reducing stress resources for guidance on reducing stress.