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Sun Care

image Sun Care

Looking after your skin is so important, especially when you are out in the sun and after sun exposure. Listed below are categories that should direct you to what you need. Sun protection such as high SPF creams, are designed to prevent UVA and UVB rays from damaging the skin. After sun lotions and gels are ideal to soothe and re-hydrate sun exposed skin; preventing it from drying out.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a reaction to the sun, such as Prickly Heat and Painful Sunburn, there are products such as Calamine Lotion or Antihistamines to soothe and calm down inflammation.

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Sun Care Products

  • Sun Cream

    Sun Cream

    Sufficient sun protection is still very over looked. It is so important to ensure you properly protect yourself against the sun's harmful rays.

  • Staycation Essentials

    Staycation Essentials

    This year many of us may choose a holiday spent in one's home country or stay at home and go out on day trips to local attractions. We have listed staycation essentials such as sun care, insect repellents, allergy relief and first aid products to keep you safe whatever you choose to do.

  • Sun Protection Sprays

    Sun Protection Sprays

    Sun protection sprays are becoming a popular way to apply sun screen as they are easy to use. Sun protection sprays are ideal for children as well as hard to reach areas such as the back and shoulders.

  • Sun Care Brands

    Sun Care Brands

    Available brands that offer a range of Sun lotions, sun blocks and lip protection that keep you safe from the sun's harmful rays. Also included are after sun products that cool and repair the skin after too much sun exposure...

  • Sun Care For The Face

    Sun Care For The Face

    At Express Chemist we have a wide range of facial SPF sun protection products which are suitable for oily, dry anti-ageing and sensitive sun intolerant skin.

  • Sun Protection Lip Care

    Sun Protection Lip Care

    The skin on lips is very thin and prone to sun damage, lip protection is as important as protecting the face and body from sun damage,

  • Sunburn Relief

    Sunburn Relief

    Moderately serious sunburn can need more intense treatments.
    Take a look here for skin healing products such as Hydrocortisone creams, Anti-Inflammatories and Prickly Heat Relief...

  • Self Tanning

    Self Tanning

    Self-tan can help you to achieve that all-year-round glow without the harmful, aging rays of the sun. Choose from lotions, gel, mousse or spray.