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Medical Supports

Medical Supports includes a range of Thermoskin supports for injured or painful joints, muscles and tendons. Medical Supports provide compression and support for pain, injury, RSI, arthritis and back pain.
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Popular Brands

Tubigrip Support Bandages

Medical Supports By Body Part

  • Elbow Supports

    Elbow Supports

    A selection of elbow supports designed to help support and protect from repetitive strain injury such as golfer's and tennis elbow

  • Hip And Groin Supports

    Hip And Groin Supports

    Hip and groin supports that are comfortable to wear providing compression and support to help relieve the pain from hip and groin injuries.

  • Knee Supports

    Knee Supports

    Here you will find a range of knee supports that can be used to prevent or rehabilitate a knee injury.

  • Wrist / Hand Supports

    Wrist / Hand Supports

    Injury, RSI, arthritis, sprains and strains, here you will find a selection of wrist and hand supports to ease pain and protect from injury.

Medical Supports By Type

  • Elastic Supports

    Elastic Supports

    Elasticated supports offer compression and support to ease pain from arthritis, sprains, strains and joint pain.

  • Health Care Supports

    Health Care Supports

    Here you will find health care supports such as hernia belts, slings, neck supports and a plaster shoe.

  • Sport Supports

    Sport Supports

    Sports supports offer compression and support to weak or injured joints during increased periods of activity.

  • Thermal Supports

    Thermal Supports

    Thermal supports offer compression and and naturally generated body heat for relieving pain from arthritis, sports injuries and repetitive strain injury (RSI)