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Express Chemist are expanding it's vegan product selection.
We offer vegan toiletries, dental care, skin care, and much more as shown below.
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  • Vegan Dietary Supplements

    Vegan Dietary Supplements

    A selection of vitamins, minerals, fatty essential oils and more. These supplements are free from any animal ingredients and suitable for those following a vegan diet.

  • Vegan Soaps

    Vegan Soaps

    We offer a range of soaps that are free from any animal ingredients and are suitable for use every day or as gifts.

  • Vegan Shampoo

    Vegan Shampoo

    Here we have a great selection of well priced shampoo's that are ideal for those that follow a vegan lifestyle. These products may also be beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

  • Vegan Conditioner

    Vegan Conditioner

    We offer vegan friendly and cruelty-free conditioners to complement our vegan shampoos

  • Vegan Deodorants

    Vegan Deodorants

    Vegan deodorants that come in spray, roll on and crystal forms. Some of the deodorants are fragranced with naturally derived ingredients, while others are fragrance-free and unisex.

  • Vegan Toothpaste

    Vegan Toothpaste

    There are a huge selection of toothpastes on the market today. Here we have listed a selection of toothpastes that are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

  • Vegan Mouthwash

    Vegan Mouthwash

    You can find a list of vegan mouthwashes here, including fluoride mouthwashes, fluoride free mouthwashes, antibacterial mouthwashes, and teeth whitening mouthwashes.

  • Vegan Condoms

    Vegan condoms are a great alternative to traditional condoms as they are made entirely of natural and plant based materials.