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Classic Fragrances

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Classic Women's Fragrances

  • Lentheric Pagan

    Lentheric Pagan

    Pagan is a seductive floral fragrance with notes of bergamot, lavender, geranium, iris, patchouli, oak moss, amber and musk.

  • Lentheric Tramp

    Lentheric Tramp

    Tramp is a sensuous and seductive feminine fragrance. Perfect for those special occasions.

  • Lentheric Tweed

    Lentheric Tweed

    Tweed is a classic fragrance with an understated, yet refined attitude, making it perfect for daytime wear.

  • Worth Je Reviens

    Worth Je Reviens

    A true classic. Je Reviens by Worth was launched in 1932. The perfume is an elegant and timeless blend of violet, bergamot, jasmine, clove, amber and moss. A perfect accessory for the chic and sophisticated woman.

  • Chique


    Chique is an elegant and refined floral fragrance.

  • Yardley English Rose

    Yardley English Rose

    Yardley English Rose is a fresh, light floral fragrance with the notes of rose and subtle, sensual woods.

  • Lentheric Just Musk

    Lentheric Just Musk

    Fortunately Just Musk isn't 'Just Musk'; there are also delicious notes of coriander, jasmine, iris, cedar and sandalwood to keep you smelling great!

Classic Men's Fragrances

  • Gold For Men (Formerly Yardley)

    Gold For Men (Formerly Yardley)

    Gold is a fresh and invigorating masculine fragrance with notes of bergamot, lime, rosemary, geranium, conifer, nutmeg, clove, cedar, amber and leather.

  • Mandate For Men

    Mandate For Men

    Mandate for Men is an elegant and classic masculine fragrance that is suitable for any occasion.

  • Rapport For Men

    Rapport For Men

    Rapport for Men is an invigorating masculine fragrance with fresh woody notes. A perfect scent for the well groomed man.

  • Brut


    Packaged in a distinctive green colour, Brut for Men is a brand of men's grooming and fragrance products first launched in 1964.

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