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Using Alli

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Alli is not just a simple weight loss pill - to use it correctly, you have to follow the instructions carefully. For most people, this means that you have to change your eating habits in order to reduce the side-effects. Alli is quite a drastic treatment and will certainly reduce the number of calories that your body derives from your meals, but you will have to re-think the way that you look at food in order to get the most from it. Below is some basic advice, and you also may like to look at our Alli diet advice.

How often should I take Alli?

You should take Alli with each of your three main meals per day. The maximum dosage is 3 capsules per day.

Do I take Alli before, during, or after a meal?

It is best to take Alli within one hour of eating a meal. You can take Alli up to one hour prior to a meal or up to one hour after a meal. You can also take Alli during a meal - whatever fits in better with your routine.

What if I have more or less than 3 meals per day?

You should not take more than 3 Alli capsules per day, so you should designate the fattiest meals as the "main meals" and take Alli with those meals only.

Alli does nothing if taken on its own. There is no point in taking the 3rd pill if you are not having a 3rd meal so save that last Alli pill for another day. Think of Alli as working on the food, rather than working on your body. In effect, it eliminates fat from the meal, rather than eliminating fat from your body.

How long does Alli take to work?

Alli users have noticed a significant amount of weight loss within the 2 weeks of starting the programme. (Based on clinical trials).

How long do I take the Alli pills for?

Alli can be taken for up to a maximum of 6 months at a time. One you have finished your Alli course, continue following your reduced calorie, low fat diet and keep up regular exercise to maintain weight loss. You may find our handy Weight Loss Goal Calculator useful in determining how many packs you will need. It is recommended that after 6 months, if you have not reached your goal, you take a rest from Alli for a couple of weeks to give your body a bit of a breather. After this time, you can resume your course.

Should I take 2 Alli capsules at a time to speed up my weight loss?

No. It seems logical to think that, because Xenical is double the dose of Alli, then it would be a good idea to take 2 Alli capsules at a time. But research has shown that this is not the case. Whereas Alli prevents absorption of 25% of the fat from your meal, Xenical removes 30%, which is only 5% more. So by doubling the dose, you are making a negligible amount of difference. One capsule at a time is enough, and by taking more you are really only wasting your money!

What sort of foods should I eat in conjunction with Alli?

There is a lot to say about this. See our guide for foods to eat with alli.

What do I do if my BMI drops under 28 whilst taking Alli?

If your BMI drops below 28 whilst on the Alli programme, that's OK. If you feel you have lost enough weight after you have finished your last pack of Alli, you won't need to purchase any more Alli, just continue with your low fat diet to maintain the low weight. However, you may continue to take the Alli if you have not reached your goal weight but remember, you can only take Alli for a maximum of 6 months.

How can I be sure to remember to take Alli?

If you're motivated enough to lose weight, then you will remember to take alli for sure! However, if you are particularly forgetful, then it may help to devise a routine to take alli, so that, for example, it becomes "normal" to take alli immediately before a meal. After a while, you will do exactly the same thing every time. People do not tend to forget that which they usually do!

In addition, there is a handy pill-pod that comes with Alli. This has space for 3 pills, and will help you remember to take Alli.

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