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Gluten Free Foods

image Gluten Free Foods

Gluten free foods for coeliacs and sufferers of a gluten and wheat intolerance or allergy is now available to buy at Express Chemist. A range of specialised products for specialised diets.

Express Chemist offer a range of gluten free food products and ingredients from dedicated and trusted brands such as Orgran to support and enhance the diet and well-being of gluten and wheat free food users. We stock gluten free foods such as gluten free pasta, gluten free spaghetti, gluten free cake, gluten free flour, gluten free bread and much more.
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Gluten Free Brands

Gluten Free Foods

  • Gluten Free Cake

    Gluten Free Cake

    A range of ready-to-go gluten free cakes and gluten free cake mixes, ideal for home baking, which can be enjoyed by all the family and perfect for any occasion. Suitable for coeliacs and those with gluten and wheat intolerances.

  • Gluten Free Bread

    Gluten Free Bread

    A range of gluten and wheat free breads, bread mixes and bread alternative products from trusted brands such as Orgran. Products designed for everyday meals such as sandwiches and toast and products for baking and cooking.

  • Gluten Free Snacks

    Gluten Free Snacks

    A variety of gluten and wheat free snacks including biscuits, cookies and crackers for those with intolerances and allergies. Ideal cupboard fillers for all the family and for all occasions including lunch boxes and light lunches.

  • Gluten Free Pasta

    Gluten Free Pasta

    A vast range of gluten free pasta and gluten free spaghetti perfect for all pasta dishes. Gluten free pasta is a great alternative to wheat pasta; easier to digest and designed to support wheat and gluten intolerances and allergies.

  • Gluten Free Ingredients

    Gluten Free Ingredients

    Gluten free ingredients for gluten free baking and cooking. A range of ingredients to suit and enhance gluten free diets, offering choice, variety and freedom in the kitchen.

Gluten Free Information

  • Gluten Free FAQs

    Gluten Free FAQs

    Please see this section for commonly asked questions regarding wheat and gluten intolerance; whilst it may seem that you're totally excluded from eating many foods there are still plenty of choices available.

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