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image Plasters

Plasters are used to cover cuts and wounds and protect them from dirt, bacteria, germs, water, friction and external irritants.

A plaster, also known as an adhesive bandage, is available in a wide variety of types and materials. All plasters create an ideal environment for healing, encouraging the process and preventing the risk of contamination and infection.
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Plasters by Type

  • Waterproof Plaster

    Waterproof Plaster

    A range of waterproof and water resistant plasters that will stay in place when they come into contact with water. Waterproof plasters will protect wounds and aid healing.

  • Spray On Plaster

    Spray On Plaster

    Spray on plasters do not require contact to the wound and are ideal for areas hard to reach and for areas that plasters will not stick to or areas you would prefer not to stick them to.

  • Blister Plaster

    Blister Plaster

    A range of blister plasters that will protect, prevent and heal blisters. A variety of shapes and sizes from brands such as Compeed that will suit all areas affected.

  • Children's Plaster

    Children's Plaster

    Novel children's plasters that are appealing for infants of all ages. Animated plasters that will appease the young whilst healing and protecting the wound from infection.

  • Fabric Plaster

    Fabric Plaster

    Fabric plasters are durable and made from soft stretchy material. We have a range of individually wrapped fabric plasters plus lengths of fabric stripping that can be cut to size.

  • Clear Plaster

    Clear Plaster

    Clear plasters are suitable for covering wounded areas on show such as the hands, feet and face. A variety of sizes to meet most requirements.

  • Speciality Plaster

    Speciality Plaster

    A range of speciality plasters to meet special requirements such as sensitive skin, latex allergies and wounds in awkward places.

  • Medicated Plaster

    Medicated Plaster

    Medicated plasters consist of plasters containing active ingredients that will assist with conditions such as backache and verruca and corn removal.

Plaster Brands

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