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A balanced diet is just as important in keeping you healthy and at your fittest as any medication or supplements.

This page collects the finest selection of natural nutritional snacks and foods to help support the bodies natural functions and systems.
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Popular Products

Food Groups

  • Diabetic Foods

    Diabetic Foods

    A range of jams, biscuits, chocolate and sweets that are sugar free and low in calories making them ideal for diabetics or those who follow a low sugar diet.

  • Gluten Free Foods

    Gluten Free Foods

    Whether you are gluten intolerant or wish to follow a gluten free diet we have a range of gluten replacement ingredients as well as gluten free pasta, bread snack and sweets.

  • Nutritional Supplement Drinks

    Nutritional Supplement Drinks

    Available in a variety of flavours , nutritious supplement shakes and smoothies to offer a balance of carbs, fats and protein for those that need to improve energy levels or have a poor appetite.

  • Slimming Meal Replacement

    Slimming Meal Replacement

    Meal replacement shakes ideal for weight management, these low calorie shakes are available in ready to drink bottles or powder form to mix with milk.

  • Energy foods & Supplements

    Energy foods & Supplements

    A range of dextrose, drinks and supplements for replacing energy lost through exercise or to enhance physical and mental energy.

Foods By Type

  • Manuka Honey

    Manuka Honey

    Produced from the Manuka tree native to Australia and New Zealand. Known for it's Antibacterial properties Manuka honey can aid the digestive system, ease sore throats and suppress coughs.

  • Sweeteners


    Sweeteners are a low calorie or calorie free sugar substitute that can be used in hot drinks desserts and baking.

Snacks & Sweets

  • Sugar Free Sweets

    Sugar Free Sweets

    A comprehensive range of popular, well known brands of sugar free sweets for those who follow a low or no sugar diet.

  • Traditional Sweets

    Traditional Sweets

    A range of retro childhood favourite sweets that include milk bottles and liquorice torpedos.

  • Liquorice


    A range of classic soft, chewy liquorice plus some with a sweet twist.