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Dietary Supplements

image Dietary Supplements

A comprehensive range of dietary supplements to suit your individual needs, from general multivitamins to nutritional supplements, including specialised formulations for hair growth and weight control.
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Dietary Supplement Brands


Dietary Supplements

  • Multivitamins


    Express Chemist offer a range of multivitamins, ideal for people who live hectic lifestyles or who do not obtain all their essential vitamins and minerals from their diet.

  • Vitamins


    A comprehensive range of vitamins from manufacturers such as Lamberts, Bioforce and Seven Seas.

  • Amino Acids

    Amino Acids

    Amino acids are classified as either essential or non-essential, they are used by the body to build proteins and Express Chemist have a wide range available from Lamberts.

  • Probiotics


    Probiotic friendly bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum help to keep in check the growth of gas-producing bacteria.

  • Antioxidants


    Antioxidants can slow the process of biological ageing and can help to reduce the risk of developing chronic disease.

  • Natural Supplements

    Natural Supplements

    A range of natural supplements, for all ages, from a variety of manufacturers such as Lamberts and A. Vogel.

Specialised Dietary Supplements

  • Baby and Child Supplements

    Baby and Child Supplements

    Our range of fun, great-tasting supplements for children make it easier for you to be sure your children are getting all the goodness they require.

  • Vegan Supplements

    Vegan Supplements

    It can be hard finding a suitable supplement when following a vegan style diet. Here we have a page of all of the vegan friendly supplements we stock at Express Chemist.

  • Immune Support

    Immune Support

    A healthy immune system is essential for keeping illness at bay and promoting general well-being. Have a look at our immune system boosting remedies. Essentially, Vitamin C is seen as one of the most effective immune boosters. This category also includes Echinacea, Zinc and many more...

  • Detox and Cleanse

    Detox and Cleanse

    Is your body due for an overhaul? Detoxing is a great way to create a healthier, more energised you.

  • Hair and Skin Supplements

    Hair and Skin Supplements

    Vitamins and minerals are essential to health and vitality, and consequently to the health and appearance of skin and hair.

  • Stress Relief

    Stress Relief

    Stress is something we all feel from time, however, too much can be severely damaging. We have a range of stress reducing remedies for anxiety, mild depression, fatigue and cravings.

  • Menopause Supplements

    Menopause Supplements

    The menopause occurs in all women. It happens when hormone production drops below the level required to continue ovulation. The menopause can affect a womens sex life, trigger mood swings and cause unpleasant hot flushes.

  • Collagen


    Collagen supplements for bones, hair and skin.

  • Nutritional Supplement Drinks

    Nutritional Supplement Drinks

    A range of ready made and powder shake drinks complete with calories, protein and vitamins for those convalescing, have a lack of appetite or a poor diet.