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Lip Care

There are many factors that can cause lips to become dry and chapped. Harsh weather conditions, heating and air conditioning all contribute in lips becoming dry and uncomfortable.

Take a look below at our range of popular brand lip balms to repair, protect and keep lips feeling soft and smooth.
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Lip Care Brands


Lip Care

  • SPF Lip Care

    SPF Lip Care

    We often forget to protect our lips when out in the sun, SPF lip balms offer protection from UVA/UVB sun rays to prevent lips from feeling uncomfortable and getting sunburned .

  • Lip Balm

    Lip Balm

    using a lip balm seals in moisture to prevent lips from becoming dry and chapped when exposed to wind, dry/cold temperatures.

  • Lip Gloss

    Lip Gloss

    Lip glosses are ideal to add shine and enhance the lips which is perfect for a less intense more natural look than a lipstick.

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