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Antiseptics are substances that prevent infection and the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.

Antiseptics not only prevent infection but they treat and help heal skin, thus speeding recovery. Listed below are a variety of skin conditions and irritations that antiseptics are beneficial for:

• Skin Irritations • Cuts/Grazes • Minor Abrasions • Scratches • Minor Wounds • Blisters • Skin Sores • Acne and Spots • Bites and Stings • Bed Sores • Nappy Rash • Chafing • Ammonia Dermatitis • Eczema • Psoriasis • Sunburn • Minor Burns • Minor Scalds •
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Antiseptic Products

  • Antiseptic Cream

    Antiseptic Cream

    Antiseptic Creams contain active ingredients with antiseptic properties that will provide soothing relief and protection from contamination and bacteria, thus preventing infection. Antiseptic creams will treat cuts, blisters, skin irritations, chafing, nappy rash, sores and more...

  • Antiseptic Liquid

    Antiseptic Liquid

    Antiseptic Liquids are usually used to cleanse and sterilise the skin. Antiseptic liquids are used to ensure wounds are free from bacteria and they can also help the body fight off infections. Included in this section are products from household names such as TCP, Germolene and Savlon.

  • Antiseptic Ointment

    Antiseptic Ointment

    Antiseptic Ointments are oil based and thicker in consistency than creams. Antiseptic ointments stay on the skin's surface for longer. Ointments provide soothing relief whilst they treat and prevent infection. Suitable for use on eczema, chafing, minor burns, grazes and more...

  • Antiseptic Wipes

    Antiseptic Wipes

    Antiseptic wipes contain an antiseptic formula that is ideal for cleaning cuts, grazes, scratches, blisters, minor wounds and abrasions. Cleaning with an antiseptic wipe will ensure all dirt, grime and bacteria is removed, which will prevent infection and aid healing.

  • Antiseptic Spray

    Antiseptic Spray

    Antiseptic Sprays are ideal for treating minor injuries and wounds without the need to touch them. Sprays will assist with preventing, treating and fighting infection. Plus they aid healing and some contain anaesthetics that will provide mild pain relief.

  • Antiseptic Wash

    Antiseptic Wash

    Use an Antiseptic wash to flush out infections caused by dirt and bacteria. Washing ensures the infected area and wound is clean and sterile. An antiseptic wash cleans, treats and speeds the recovery of cuts, grazes and minor wounds.

  • Antiseptic Gel

    Antiseptic Gel

    Antiseptic Gels have a jelly-like consistency, they are sometimes preferred over creams as they are more easily absorbed into the skin and do not leave a sticky residue. We have a range of topical gels that contain clinically proven antiseptic ingredients from brands such as Lypsyl, Iglu and Germolene.

  • Antiseptic Teething Gel

    Antiseptic Teething Gel

    Antiseptic Teething Gels help to relieve the pain associated with teething. These teething gels contain include an antiseptic and numbing agent. This is to ensure that the mouth doesn't become infected whilst teething.

  • Antiseptic Mouthwash

    Antiseptic Mouthwash

    Antiseptic Mouthwashes are generally suitable for general oral hygiene and everyday use, however there are also stronger antiseptic mouthwashes available that are suitable for infected oral conditions such as gingivitis, ulcers and thrush.

  • Antiseptic Toothpaste

    Antiseptic Toothpaste

    A range of natural and medicated antiseptic toothpastes which help treat and prevent bad breath, mouth ulcers and bleeding sensitive gums. With toothpastes from top brands like RetarDEX, Euthymol and Vitis.

  • Antiseptic Lozenges

    Antiseptic Lozenges

    Antiseptic lozenges are used to help treat and prevent throat infections. Lozenges usually have a mild anaesthetic effect helping to numb pain associated with sore throats.

  • Antiseptic Shampoo

    Antiseptic Shampoo

    Shampoos that contain antiseptic ingredients such as natural Tea Tree and Cetrimide are suitable for treating a range of scalp conditions and irritations.

Antiseptic Brands


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