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Helpful exercise tips for weight loss

A balanced diet combined with just thirty minutes of exercise a day, will more likely help you to lose those pounds faster. Even little changes to our everyday lives can help.

Here are a few useful tips from the fitness guru's to help with weight loss:

  • Walk to the local shops instead of driving.

  • Get up from your office desk every now and again. Walk around when you receive a phone call.

  • Walk up escalators and stairs, avoid the elevator.

  • Do your own housework - it is a very good way to burn calories.

  • Set aside some time for gardening, mow the lawn.

  • When hanging out the washing, stand on tip-toes. This will help reshape your calves.

  • Go swimming, join a physically active social/sports cub.

  • When driving to a destination, park further away to give yourself somewalking distance.

  • Walk briskly for twenty minutes.

  • Squeeze your buttock cheeks together 20 times while sitting. Repeat 3 times.

  • Skip for ten minutes.
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