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Female Hair Loss FAQs

Why do some women lose their hair?

Female Hair Loss
Female hair loss is a lot more complex than male hair loss. Male hair loss is usually related to factors such as testerone levels and blood flow in the scalp that change gradually as a man ages. However, hair loss in women often comes on more suddenly, particularly during the menopause.

There are many theories as to why this happens.

One theory is that during the menopause, female hormones decrease and thus testosterone levels become irregular, often increasing. This can cause damage to the hair in the same way that happens in men.

Another theory is that poor nutrition contributes to the gradual deterioration of the hair. In particular, minerals such as iron and iodine are necessary for proper hair growth. Women often suffer from iron deficiencies, particularly as they age. In addition, because women often diet to lose weight, they tend to suffer from general vitamin and mineral deficiencies which can affect hair growth.

Pregnancy can sometimes cause a temporary reduction in hair growth due to the effect of the hormone progesterone, but this usually gets better a few months after childbirth.

What can women do about hair loss?

There are many products that can help. Due to the many factors involved, it may be worth trying a combination of products.

Regaine for Women is designed to tackle age-related hair loss in women. Regaine contains minoxidil, which is designed to open up the blood vessels in the scalp. Regaine is clinically-proven and shown to work for most women.

Nutritional deficiences can be alleviated with Florisene, which contains a combination of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for hair growth. This includes iron and iodine.

You may also like to try Plantur 39, which is a daily-use shampoo designed for women with thinning hair.
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  • Female Hair Loss

    Female Hair Loss

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