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image Dressings

Dressings are designed to be in direct contact with wounds, historically made from materials such as cloth but modern dressings include fabric, films and sprays. Dressings can be impregnated with antiseptics and cut to required size. An ideal wound dressing is sterile, breathable, and conducive for a moist healing environment.
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  • Wound Dressing Pads

    Wound Dressing Pads

    Wound dressing pads come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different types of wounds and levels of exudate.

  • Contact Layer Dressings

    Contact Layer Dressings

    Contact layer dressings are wound dressings designed to be placed directly on the wound bed to protect and promote healing.

  • Adhesive Dressings

    Adhesive Dressings

    Adhesive dressings, also known as adhesive bandages or adhesive strips, typically consist of a sterile pad or absorbent material attached to an adhesive backing that sticks to the skin surrounding the wound.

  • Film Dressings With Pad

    Film Dressings With Pad

    Film dressings with pads combine the benefits of transparent film dressings with the absorbency of a wound pad. These dressings typically consist of a transparent adhesive film with an absorbent pad or island dressing in the centre.

  • Adhesive Film For Wounds

    Adhesive Film For Wounds

    Adhesive film dressings are a type of wound dressing that consists of a thin, transparent film coated with a gentle adhesive. These dressings are designed to adhere securely to the skin surrounding the wound, providing a protective barrier while allowing for easy visualisation of the wound site.

  • Wound Closure Strips

    Wound Closure Strips

    Wound closure strips, or steri-strips or butterfly closures, are adhesive strips used to close small wounds with clean, straight edges. These strips are often made of non-woven material, such as reinforced paper or fabric, and are coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive.

  • Waterproof Wound Dressings

    Waterproof Wound Dressings

    Waterproof wound dressings are specialised dressings that provide protection to wounds from moisture and water they are particularly useful for wounds situated in areas that are prone to water exposure, such as the hands, feet, or joints, or for individuals who need to bathe or swim regularly.

  • Steri-Strips


    Steri-Strips offer secure wound closure without the need for stitches.

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