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Warm and Cosy

Perfect products for those chilly winter evenings! Our range of winter warmers make it easy to stay snug and warm throughout the colder months.

image Warm and Cosy

We have microwavable hot water bottles and microwavable Hot-Paks to give us that extra bit of warmth!
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  • Hot Water Bottles

    Hot Water Bottles

    The hot water bottle is the classic warming device.

    Versatile and simple to use it has a range of uses, including heat therapy for aches and pains, relief from menstrual cramps and, of course, keeping you warm in bed.

  • Microwavable Heat Packs

    Microwavable Heat Packs

    Microwavable heat packs are perfect for soothing aches and pains or for warming cold bones on those chilly evenings. They heat in minutes and provide cozy warmth for hours. Great for those who feel a bit too old for a teddy bear and even better for those who like to wrap up when it gets cold.