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Lamberts are the UK's leading suppliers of dietary supplements for nutrition and healthcare. Building their philosophy upon sound scientific research and development, Lamberts believe in only providing products that are effective enough to deliver real benefits. Please see below for Lamberts' extensive ranges.
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Lamberts Ranges

  • Lamberts Herbs

    Lamberts Herbs

    An extensive range of herbal extracts for a wide variety of conditions. Take these herbal supplements to bolster your general health and wellbeing.

  • Lamberts Minerals

    Lamberts Minerals

    We all need to intake minerals to aid a number of important physiological functions. Use Lamberts Minerals to supplement your diet and combat any mineral insufficiencies.

  • Lamberts Beta Carotene

    Lamberts Beta Carotene

    Beta Carotene exists within the body acting as a precursor or 'provitamin' to the production of vitamin A in the liver. Use Lamberts natural beta carotene formulation to boost the immune system and raise antioxidant levels within the bloodstream.

  • Lamberts Vitamin B Complex

    Lamberts Vitamin B Complex

    Use Lamberts Vitamin B Complexes to maintain a healthy level of this much needed nutrient, especially useful for those with diets that exclude a normal vitamin B intake.

  • Lamberts Vitamin C Formulations

    Lamberts Vitamin C Formulations

    Lamberts' selection of specifically formulated vitamin C supplements. Added to a balanced diet, vitamin C can help maintain healthy skin and bones and help normalise our cholesterol levels.

  • Lamberts Vitamin D Formulations

    Lamberts Vitamin D Formulations

    Whilst we are able to produce our own vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, Lamberts' vitamin D supplements can help us maintain a healthy level, useful for those lacking the time or the weather.

  • Lamberts Natural Form Vitamin E

    Lamberts Natural Form Vitamin E

    Arguably the most important vitamin for our health, vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps maintain healthy blood vessels and heart function. Lamberts use a natural vitamin E formulation which is easier for the body to process.

  • Lamberts Fish Oil

    Lamberts Fish Oil

    Omega oils, present in oily fish are well known to be beneficial to the brain, the joints and the heart. Raise your body's omega oil intake with Lamberts' pure fish oil formulas.

  • Lamberts Essential Fatty Acids

    Lamberts Essential Fatty Acids

    Lamberts' selection of naturally formulated fatty acids, which if taken as part of a healthy diet, aid the production of omega 3 and 6 families within the body.

  • Lamberts Amino Acid Formulations

    Lamberts Amino Acid Formulations

    Lamberts amino acid formulations are available in 'free form' allowing your body to process them without digestion. Amino acids as a dietary supplement aid with a number of functions ranging from cell growth to building antibodies.

  • Lamberts Digestive Aids

    Lamberts Digestive Aids

    A comprehensive range of digestive aids from Lamberts specifically formulated to maximize the body's absorption of nutrients from food, to aid the digestive process and keep the bowels healthy.

  • Lamberts Multiple Formulas

    Lamberts Multiple Formulas

    A broad range of multiple formulations of vitamins, minerals and amino acids developed by Lamberts, aimed at treating specific health concerns including menopause and hair loss.

  • Lamberts Other Nutrients

    Lamberts Other Nutrients

    A specialised range of nutritional supplements from Lamberts that can safely be taken alongside other multivitamins and herbal extracts.

  • Lamberts Sports Products

    Lamberts Sports Products

    Lamberts extend their expertise to athletes requiring dietary supplements, whey protein products and sports energy drinks designed for high performers and those seeking to bulk up their body mass.

  • Lamberts Fruit Concentrates

    Lamberts Fruit Concentrates

    Superfood phytochemicals are a hot topic of late as they are argued to deliver health benefits way beyond their natural antioxidant properties. Lamberts deliver these super-beneficial natural substances in convenient fruit concentrate drinks, superfood for the time-starved generation.

  • Lamberts Vegan

    Lamberts Vegan

    Lamberts have a vast range of health supplements that are suitable for those who follow a vegan diet.

Lamberts Information

  • Lamberts Excipients Information

    Lamberts Excipients Information

    Lamberts use only the best ingredients in their tablets, capsules and liquids and avoid unnecessary additives. All of the excipients Lamberts use are approved by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.