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Equazen Eye q

image Equazen Eye q

Equazen eye q is popular with kids and adults alike and is suitable for all ages!

What sets Eye q apart from other nutritional supplements is its high ratio of EPA to DHA. The makers use a unique marine fish oil that has significantly more EPA than DHA. This allows the EPA to function better, and gives it a more active role in helping to maintain the eye and brain in healthy functioning order.

These essential fatty acids are called essential because your body can’t produce them so they have to come from your diet. They play a vital role in almost every part of our bodies, including the brain. Available in a range of flavours and formats there is a product for anybody who wants to take fish oils!
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Eye q Capsules

  • Equazen Family Capsules 60

    Equazen Family Capsules 60

    Eye q contains a unique combination of the long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA, DHA and GLA and can help safeguard dietary intake of these nutrients in people of all ages, especially children. A great way to get your Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. Suitable for 5 years+.

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  • Equazen Family Capsules 180

    Equazen Family Capsules 180

    Equazen family pack of 180 capsules with high EPA fish oil formulation.

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Eye q Liquid

  • Eye q Liquid Citrus 200ml

    Eye q Liquid Citrus 200ml

    Citrus flavoured EPA-rich Marine Fish Oil and Virgin Evening Primrose Oil, formulated to help maintain eye and brain function. the citrus flavour is a blend of natural lemon flavours and is perfect for those who dislike taking capsules. Suitable for 2 years+.

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Eye q Chews

  • Eye q Chews Strawberry 60

    Eye q Chews Strawberry 60

    Strawberry flavoured, juicy capsules, high in Omega-3 and Omega-6. Just as above but a larger 60 capsule pot. Suitable for 3 years+.

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