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Blood Glucose Monitoring

image Blood Glucose Monitoring

Blood glucose monitoring plays an important role in diabetes control. Measuring the concentration of blood glucose in the blood can detect diabetes symptoms as well as hyperglycaemia.

It is important that people testing their blood glucose are properly trained in the method and understand about normal fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Click here for insulin pens and needles.
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Popular Blood Glucose Monitoring Brands

BD Micro-Fine +

Blood Glucose Monitoring

  • Blood Glucose Meters

    Blood Glucose Meters

    A range of accurate, easy-to-use blood glucose meters, some including finger-pricking devices.

  • Needles and Lancets

    Needles and Lancets

    A range of sterile and easy-to-use needles, lancets, pen tips and finger clicking devices.

  • Diabetes


    Products that can aid the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diabetes.