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Skincare Brands

Here are some of our most popular skincare brands. Not all brands are listed here, so if you cannot find what you are looking for below then please try the general skin page.
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  • Aloe Pura

    Aloe Pura

    Skin relief - Organically sourced Aloe Vera Gel with a high active content. Choose from plain Aloe Vera or with Tea Tree Oil for added relief from bites, sun burn and dry skin...

  • Aqueous Cream

    Aqueous Cream

    To provide relief of symptoms of dry or chapped skin.

  • Astral


    The classic recipe from the 1950s has stood the test of time and remains unchanged in the new millennium. This rich, white all-over moisturiser continues to provide nourishment for dry skin.

  • Atrix


    Atrixenrich their moisturisers with chamomile, which is well known for its anti-itch properties. This cream helps to heal and protect sore hands.

  • Australian Tea Tree

    Australian Tea Tree

    The Australian Tea Tree Body Care Range for skin and scalp...

  • Aveeno


    Aveeno offer a range of skin care products derived from key ingredients which they term 'Active Naturals, which are perfect for those who suffer from dry and sensitive skin.

  • Bentley Organic

    Bentley Organic

    Bentley Organic body lotion is made with natural oils and delicately fragranced.

  • Bepanthen


    Everyday care and protection from the causes of nappy rash. Long lasting, breathable and protecting.

  • Bio-Oil


    Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product developed to help improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The oil also softens and nourishes the skin.

  • Blistex


    Blistex Tint & Shine, featured here gives lips a natural, healthy look. For everyday maintenance try Blistex Daily Conditioner.

  • CeraVe


    Cervae works closely with dermatologists to nourish, cleanse and restore healthy skin.

  • Cetraben


    For the symptomatic relief of red, inflammed, damaged, dry or chapped skin, especially when associated with endogenous or exogenous eczema. Emollient cream and bath oil.

  • Chapstick


    Chapstick have recently changed their formula. Strawberry and Original now come with SPF 15! Yes, even lips can burn, so protect and moisturise, all day long!
    Have you tried Chapstick Medicated Gel Tube?

  • Clarins


    Clarins has been creating cosmetics and skin care since the 1950's. Their range of body and facial products is very comprehensive: from skin repair and firming to self-tan and sun protection.

  • Clearasil


    Clearasil has a complete range of spot preventing products such as deep pore treatment pads, cleansing washes and purifying wipes.

  • Compeed


    The Compeed Hydrocure System are a range of dressings and plasters which rely on hydrocolloid-based healing.

  • Conotrane


    Antiseptic soothing cream for nappy rash, pressure sores and irritated skin.

  • Crowe's Cremine

    Crowe's Cremine

    Crowe's Cremine is a multi-purpose cream which can be used to cleanse and remove make-up as well a facial moisturiser.

  • DiproBase


    DiproBase is an emollient, moisturiser and protectant. It helps soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin and prevent moisture loss. A cream and an ointment are available.

  • Doublebase


    Moisturising, protecting and hydrating gel. May be used before or after bathing.

  • Drapolene


    Soothing effective relief from nappy rash.

  • E45


    The E45 range cleanses and moisturises dry skin with a blend of intensive emollients, which help keep dry skin soft and supple.

  • Elastoplast


    The simple solution for all grazes and minor cuts.

  • Emulsiderm


    Liquid emollient for bathing as well as direct application to the skin. Suitable for infants.

  • Eucerin


    A range of everyday treatments and moisturisers for dry skin, including a cream containing urea.

  • Exorex


    Exorex® is a highly innovative coal-tar-based topical dermatological preparation, indicated for the treatment of Psoriasis and Eczema. The range includes a lotion, a cream, a scalp moisturiser and a shampoo.

  • Fade Out

    Fade Out

    • For Blemishes, Marks and Roseacea.
    Fade Out products can actively reduce or remove skin blemishes, brown marks and facial redness.

  • Flexitol Skin Care

    Flexitol Skin Care

    Flexitol skin care was researched and developed in Australia. All products are still manufactured there and exported throughout the world. They produce foot, nail and dry skin care products.

  • Freederm


    A proven anti-inflammatory treatment for inflamed acne, pimples and spots in all age groups • Freederm GelFreederm Lotion...

  • Hydromol


    Range of emollients including a cream, an ointment and a bath emollient.

  • Johnson's


    The famous brand for baby care products now offers their best body lotion with a light self-tan mixed in. Gently maintain a summer glow throughout the year.

  • La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay presents a generation of products sold exclusively by pharmacies. A range of skincare products for all skin types; even the most sensitive. Dermatologists worldwide recommend La Roche-Posay skincare products.

  • Lypsyl


    Lypsyl offer a range of flavoured lip moisturisers which work hard to give you kissable lips. Choose from Lypsyl Orignal with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E or indulge in a fruity flavour.

  • Magicool


    Magicool, described as 'your very own air conditioner in a can'. Cools, refreshes and hydrates. Now also available is Magicool Plus - Treats Prickly Heat...

  • Medihoney


    Manuka honey-based skin products.

  • Metanium


    Soothes and treats your baby's nappy rash.

  • Neutrogena


    Dermatologists recommend Neutrogena skin care products for a range of skin care problems for all skin types.

  • Nivea


    Nivea Body Care includes the classic snow-white cream first produced in 1911 as well as the new, rich moisturising and body smoothing lotions.

  • Oilatum


    Oilatum cream provides treatment and relief from contact dermatitis, atopic eczema, ichthyosis, sterile pruritus and related dry skin conditions. The range includes a soap, a cream, shampoo and bath oils for adults and kids.

  • Quinoderm


    The Quinoderm range of creams, face wash and cleansing wipes forms an effective daily treatment routine for spots.

  • Riemann P20

    Riemann P20

    Riemann P20 Sun Filter Lotions are quite simply not like any other product. You apply it just once-a-day and it allows you develop an golden tan whilst protecting you from the harmful UVB rays of the sun...

  • SkinSure Plus

    SkinSure Plus

    Barrier lotions with anti-bacterial properties.

  • Sudocrem


    Sudocrem soothes, heals and protects.

  • T-Zone


    T-Zone products provide effective treatment and prevention of spots and are gentle enough to be used everyday.

  • Uvistat


    Uvistat sun lotions and sun creams provide balanced UVA & UVB protection and are water resistant for up to five hours and are hypo-allergenic...

  • Vaseline


    Probably the most famous Petroleum Jelly in the world! Available in handy pots and bulk tubs...

  • Vichy


    Specialised skincare products for a variety of skin types and conditions.

  • Witch


    Witch skin care contains the essence of witch hazel which is a well-known anti-inflammatory and a natural astringent. Great for calming irritated, red skin and spots.

  • Zambesia Botanica

    Zambesia Botanica

    This skin care range contains an extract from the African 'sausage tree' and has proved useful in the healing of skin suffering from sun over-exposure and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.