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Quinoderm is a particularly effective treatment for spots and acne. This is because Quinoderm has two active ingredients; benzoyl peroxide, which most of the leading brands contain, and potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate. Quinoderm creams are available in two different strengths. Choose Quinoderm 5 cream if you have sensitive skin or you are a first time user. To complete an effective daily treatment routine, Quinoderm facewash and cleansing wipes are also available.

Over the years we have found that many of our customers have expressed a preference for Quinoderm and based on feedback we particularly recommend using the Quinoderm Facewash alongside the cream.
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Quinoderm Facewash

  • Quinoderm Facewash 150ml

    Quinoderm Facewash 150ml

    Quinoderm facewash is a particularly effective soap substitute to be used both morning and night, with anti-bacterial and cleansing agents that can help prevent spots. Quinoderm facewash is good for anybody with spot-prone skin.

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