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Pregnancy and Maternity Care

image Pregnancy and Maternity Care

Express Chemist offer a range of products specially designed for mothers to be, pregnant women and new mums, everything that may be needed to help during the weeks of pregnancy and maternity care.

Whether you are pregnant or trying for a baby, Express Chemist stock essential products to support you from conception to the first signs of pregnancy and finally when giving birth. Pregnancy tests, prenatal and post natal supplements, symptom-relieving tablets and creams to ease morning sickness, hygiene and feminine care products and breastfeeding accessories. Also available are a range of fertility and conception products to aid the process of getting pregnant.

Express Chemist also stock a range of products that have been specifically designed for premature babies. For more baby and infant products, please visit our baby and child section.
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Pregnancy and Maternity Care Brands

Preparation H

Pregnancy and Maternity Care Products

  • Morning Sickness

    Morning Sickness

    Morning sickness is a condition which can affect a woman when she is in early pregnancy but can be offset by a range of natural remedies to help relieve nausea.

  • Pregnancy Body and Skin Care

    Pregnancy Body and Skin Care

    Pregnancy body and skin care products to alleviate and treat symptoms such as dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins.

  • Haemorrhoids


    Treatments for haemorrhoids and piles including cream, ointment or suppository to soothe and heal sore and raw areas.

  • Constipation


    Ranges of laxatives and fibre supplements for the treatment of constipation symptoms such as IBS and bloating.

  • Pregnancy Hygiene

    Pregnancy Hygiene

    Pregnancy hygiene products to assist with increased vaginal discharge, bladder weakness, post birth menstruation and thrush.

  • Maternity Belts

    Maternity Belts

    Maternity belts provide support while your baby grows. The elasticated support helps to relieve lower back pain and discomfort in abdomen and legs. 4 sizes available.

  • Postnatal Care

    Postnatal Care

    Postnatal care products to help after natural or assisted births, including dressings, homeopathic remedies and aids.

  • Breastfeeding


    Breastfeeding is the most natural way of feeding your baby and is recommended by the Department of Health for at least the first 6 months of your baby's life.

  • Birth


    A selection of products to make your birth experience a little more comfortable such as TENS devices, hand sanitisers, cooling facial sprays and toiletries.

Pregnancy FAQs

1. What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a condition in which a woman carries a fertilized egg inside her body, the term pregnancy refers to the period from conception to birth. Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks and is divided into three trimesters, each lasting approximately three months.

2. Signs of pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, the first few weeks, things start changing fast. The early signs of pregnancy will include a missed period and could also include symptoms such as nausea and sickness, fatigue, slight bleeding/spotting or cramping and tender breasts. If your menstrual cycle is regular and patterned you may suspect you are pregnant as soon as you notice you have missed a period or it is late, however, this may not always be the case, periods can be late or missed due to stress, illness, weight, medication and the menopause. A test should be done to confirm.

3. Symptoms of pregnancy

During the weeks of pregnancy symptoms change and the symptoms experienced will depend on which trimester/stage you are in. Some of the symptoms experienced include: nausea and sickness, loss of appetite/going off particular foods, cravings, breast tenderness, breast enlargement, fatigue, frequent urination, constipation, spotting, vaginal discharge, enlarged abdomen, skin/pigmentation changes, stretch marks, colostrum (first milk produced) from breasts, changes in libido, stomach pains, movements and braxton hicks contractions.

4. Am I pregnant?

If you have missed a period or it is late, or you simply suspect you may be pregnant then the best way to find out is to do a pregnancy test, this can provide an accurate result quickly. Depending on how far you think you may be, which can be estimated from your last menstrual period, take a look at our early pregnancy signs and symptoms section above and see if any sound familiar, if you are still unsure see your GP or pharmacist.

5. How can I get pregnant?

For more information on conceiving and how to get pregnant, please visit our fertility and conception section.

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