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A selection of products to make your birth experience more comfortable with ranges such as TENS devices relieving pain, whilst hand sanitisers, cooling facial sprays and toiletries can alleviate the uncomfortable side effects of hot flushes.
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Birth Products

  • Hand Hygiene

    Hand Hygiene

    Antibacterial products for hand hygiene, many of which do not require water or soap, a useful way to ensure hands are left clean and free of germs.

  • Arnica


    Traditional herbal remedy arnica for the symptomatic relief of arthritic pain and stiffness.

  • Hot Flushes

    Hot Flushes

    Night sweats and sudden hot flushes whilst going about your normal everyday tasks can be very uncomfortable. Cool yourself down with a specially developed spray.

  • Lip Care

    Lip Care

    A range of moisturising, protective lip care products for dry, peeling, sore or chapped lips.

  • Hot Water Bottles

    Hot Water Bottles

    Traditional hot water bottles and microwavable bottles will provide both soothing warmth and comforting relief to abdominal pain, back pain, muscular pain and chills.

  • TENS


    TENS devices can provide a range of benefits from light massage, toning and drug-free pain relief. Safe and versatile.