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Women's Skin Care

Your skin is your body's largest organ and the most visible. Looking good makes you feel good so pamper yourself with our wide range of skin and body products. Better skin can now be achieved with 'state of the art' products, treating scars, blemishes, dermatitis and more.

Prevention is better than cure. Antiaging moisturisation with UVA protection is ideal to slow the signs of ageing. Don't let your skin become dehydrated by the sun as brown spots can develop and lines form. Take a look below at our two favourite products formulated for the face with that all essential UVA protection.
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Skin Care

  • Lip Care

    Lip Care

    Restore chapped lips and protect them from further damage with our range of flavoured and unflavoured lip balms.

  • Self Tanning

    Self Tanning

    Self-tan can help you to achieve that all-year-round glow without the harmful, aging rays of the sun. Choose from lotions, gel, mousse or spray. Have you tried Johnson's Holiday Skin?

  • Eye Beauty

    Eye Beauty

    Target expression lines, create brighter eyes and a clearer eye area with the right beauty product.

  • Anti-Ageing


    Products that help reduce the appearance of signs of ageing such as fine lines, age spots and eye circles.