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Cold and Flu Relief

Colds and flu can strike at the worst of times, especially if you have a busy schedule and simply can't afford to be slowed down. Luckily Expresschemist has a range of soothing cold and flu remedies to keep you going and let you make the most of your day.
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Cold and Flu Brands

Night Nurse

Cold and Flu Relief by Type

  • Cold and Flu Hot Beverages

    Cold and Flu Hot Beverages

    A warming fruit drink that provides symptomatic relief can be one of the best methods of easing the discomfort of colds and flu symptoms and soothing any aches and pains.

  • Cold and Flu Medicine On The Go

    Cold and Flu Medicine On The Go

    Those who have busy and hectic life styles or who travel frequently, may approve of our list of "on the go" medicines, for quick and convenient symptomatic relief.

  • Thermometers


    ideal for checking temperatures when feeling feverish from colds, coughs and the flu.

  • Immune Support

    Immune Support

    Our range of immune support products are here to give your immunity a boost and ward off colds and flu!

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