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Lamberts Excipients Information

Lamberts use only the best ingredients and avoid unnecessary additives.

Traditionally excipients have been described as "inactive" ingredients as they provide little or no nutritional value to the body. However, these ingredients are essential in the accurate manufacturing of tablets, capsules and liquids.

All of the excipients Lamberts use are approved by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

ExcipientMain Use
AcaciaAn emulsifier and stabilising agent that is necessary to bind ingredients together that would not normally mix.
Beetroot PowderA natural pink colouring agent.
Calcium Carbonate and DiCalcium PhosphateThese are excellent buffers of acidic nutrients such as vitamin C but can also be used as dilutents. Many ingredients are required in tiny amounts so have to be diluted so that accurate dispersion can occur.
CarrageenanThis is a seaweed based gelling agent and an excellent alternative to gelatin.
CelluloseThis excipient is ideal for diluting ingredients used in tiny amounts as it is also a useful disintegrant which ensure tablets breakdown within the specified time.
Copper ChlorophyllinA natural green colouring agent.
Crosslinked Cellulose GumThis is used in order to ensure that tablets dissolve within their specified time, disintegrants such as this are included to aid breakdown.
CurcuminA natural yellow colouring.
DextroseSweetening agent.
DiSodium PhosphateA classified as a sequestering agent this ingredient helps to combine ingredients together.
GelatinLamberts only use pharmaceutical grade bovine gelatin that complies with the very stringent standards of the Gelatin Manufacturers of Europe Association (GMEA).
Glycerin/GlycerolThis plant based plasticizer is used to help keep capsules flexible and prevent them from becoming brittle which can lead to breakage and spoilage. In addition it has antimicrobial preservative properties.
Glyceryl MonostearateA very versatile excipient that can help in the production of sustained release products but is mainly used as an emulsifier bringing fats and water based nutrients together.
Hydroxypropyl MethycelluloseIs used to coat tablets which assists in nutrient protection but also to ensure a smooth finish which allows for easy swallowing.
Iron OxideA natural red colouring.
Magnesium StearateIs essential for accurate mixing and tablet manufacture, these stop powders from clumping together and are classified as a glidant or lubricant.
Modified StarchA popular disintegrant that produces a 'matrix' throughout the tablet that can then be acted upon by fluids in the digestive system swiftly dissolving the tablet allowing swift access to the nutrients held within.
Potassium SorbateIs used in liquid preparations as an antimicrobial preservative.
Rice PowderAn excellent tablet binder that is key to tablet integrity. It helps to prevent weak crumbly tablet cores.
Silicon DioxideThis is a flow aid. It helps the free-flowing nature of powder blends during process, so ensuring homogeneity of dosage.
SorbitolIs often used in chewable formulations as its pleasant flavour makes an ideal dilutent for ingredients required in small amounts.
Stearic AcidIs an emulsifier assisting in the blending of complex formulations.
SucraloseIs required in small amounts as a sweetening agent and improving palatability of products where flavour may be a consideration of the end user.
Sulphur DioxideAn antimicrobial.
Titanium DioxideA natural mineral pigment used in tablet coating to reflect light and thus protect delicate light sensitive compounds found in the tablet core.
TriCalcium PhosphateIs required to balance the pH of some formulas, this is known as an acidity regulator.
XylitolIs popular in chewable tablets, this is a sweetening agent which also demonstrates antimicrobial properties.
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