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TUNG Brush - Original

Product code: KITFB001
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These brushes come in a various colours, if you have a colour preference please make a note of this in the comments section when placing your order. If no colour note is left, you will be sent a random colour.

TUNG Brush outperforms toothbrushes and scrapers to remove bacteria from the rough surface of the tongue for and deep clean, fresh breath and natural pink appearance.
  • 1 TUNG brush (Colours Vary).
  • Outperform toothbrush and scrapers.
  • Low profile for comfort and no gagging.
  • Greater coverage.
  • Penetrates tongue crevices where odour causing bacteria hide.
Directions for Use:
Use TUNG Brush as part of your oral care routine. Run brush under warm water. Extend brush head to the back of the tongue and run along the tongue from back to front. It is recommended to continue this for roughly 10 seconds. Replace TUNG Brush every three months.
For best results use with TUNG Gel!

  • Not to be used on teeth and gums.
  • Slight tenderness and/or bleeding may occur when first using this product but should stop after regular brushing.
  • If tenderness and/or bleeding continues stop use and consult your dentist.
  • Excessive brushing may cause soreness.