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Safe and Sound Tongue Cleaner

Product code: 3809365
(incl VAT)
Safe and Sound Tongue Cleaner is a quick and easy way of cleaning your tongue. The Safe and Sound Tongue Cleaner cleans the hard to reach rear part of the tongue, and it also helps prevent oral hygiene problems before they develop.
  • Helps promote fresh breath, restored taste and a clean healthy mouth.
  • Removes unsightly deposits effectively and efficiently, and unlike a toothbrush, the tongue cleaner literally scrapes away the coating rather than dispersing it around the mouth.
Directions of Use:
Rinse the tongue cleaner thoroughly under clean warm water.
Extend the tongue, take the tongue cleaner and place the curved part at the back of the tongue.
Pressing down gently, scrape your tongue with a forward stroke.
Rinse under warm water. Repeat as necessary.
Replace your tongue cleaner at least every six months for optimum oral hygiene.
Use as part of your daily oral hygiene program.
Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight and direct heat sources.

Not recommended for use by or on children.
Check tongue cleaner for defects and sharp edges before the first use and before each subsequent use.
Discard tongue cleaner if damaged.