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Athlete's Foot

image Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot is a common fungal skin condition in young people and adults. It is a fungal infection of the foot caused by bacteria on the skin which feed on dead skin cells and love warm, moist places. This condition is primarily a problem for people who wear tight-fitting trainers or don't dry their feet properly.

The condition is contagious and can be spread by direct skin-to-skin contact and indirectly through towels, shoes, clothing and floors. Luckily athlete's foot can be treated quickly and effectively. Antifungal products containing clotrimazole (Canesten AF), miconazole (Daktarin), zinc undecenoate (Mycota), terbinafine (Lamisil Once and Lamisil AT) and tolnaftate (Scholl) are most effective against athlete's foot. If odour is also a problem take a look at our foot odour products.
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Athlete's Foot Product Types

  • Creams


    Athlete's foot creams are a direct, soothing and effective way of eradicating athlete's foot.

  • Sprays


    Athlete's foot sprays can cool and soothe the symptoms of athlete's foot.

  • Powders


    Athlete's foot powders can be applied directly to the skin, socks and shoes to prevent re-infection of athlete's foot and other fungal infections.

  • Solutions and Liquids

    Solutions and Liquids

    Athlete's foot solutions and liquids for the treatment of fungal infections on hairy skin where a spray, powder or cream may fail to penetrate.

Popular Athlete's Foot Products

  • Lamisil Once

    Lamisil Once

    Lamisil Once is a single dose anti-fungal treatment containing Terbinafine Hydrochloride. The clear solution is applied only once. It releases the active ingredient into the skin where it continues to fight the cause and relieve the symptoms of Athlete's Foot.

    (incl VAT)
  • Daktacort HC

    Daktacort HC

    Daktacort HC is a triple action anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory cream. Contains Miconazole nitrate %2 and hydrocortisone 1%. Use when the area is inflamed.

    (incl VAT)
  • Daktarin Gold Cream 15g

    Daktarin Gold Cream 15g

    Daktarin Gold is a prescription strength anti-fungal cream containing Ketoconazole 2%. Daktarin Gold also helps to soothe the itching associated with fungal skin infections.

    (incl VAT)
  • Clotrimazole Cream 1% 20g

    Clotrimazole Cream 1% 20g

    Clotrimazole is an Anti-fungal cream.
    It is used to treat fungal skin conditions, including external thrush symptoms in men and women.

    (incl VAT)
  • Clotrimazole Cream 1% 50g

    Clotrimazole Cream 1% 50g

    Clotrimazole Cream 1% 50g used for the treatment of thrush.

    (incl VAT)
  • Daktarin Powder 20g

    Daktarin Powder 20g

    Daktarin Powder is a medicated talc containing miconazole nitrate 2% w/w, zinc oxide and colloidal silicon dioxide. Its anti-fungal action kills fungus and any associated bacteria. It also helps to keep the area dry.

    (incl VAT)
  • Scholl Advance Athletes's Foot Cream 15g

    Scholl Advance Athletes's Foot Cream 15g

    Scholl Advance Athlete's Foot Cream contains the anti-fungal Terbinafine Hydrochloride 1%. It helps to relieve sore and itchy symptoms of athletes foot and helps to treat the infection.

    (incl VAT)

Further Information

  • Athlete's Foot Information

    Athlete's Foot Information

    Fungal Skin infections thrive in warm and wet nooks and crannies. Whatever the reason is having moist feet, it's important to keep the feet dry. Express Chemist can help you Prevent Athlete's Foot by using medicated and absorbent powders, antiperspirants and anti-microbial cleansers.

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