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Groin Sweating Information

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sweaty groin

About Sweating in the Groin Area

For some of us, sweating of the groin can be a real nuisance. The groin is packed with both apocrine and eccrine sweat glands, and, as the area is usually covered by one or more layers of clothing, excessive sweating here can quickly lead to hot, clammy, uncomfortable skin and unwanted body odour.

Because there is little chance for air to circulate and dry the area, excessive sweating of the groin can easily lead to chafing, sweat rash and fungal infections, such as jock itch (tinea cruris).


Hyperhidrosis is abnormally increased sweating. It goes far beyond what is required for efficient regulation of body temperature. Excessive sweating often occurs during stressful situations or times of emotional tension. Hyperhidrosis can happen in the form of generalised sweating or as sweating localised to specific areas of the body, particularly the armpits, hands, feet, buttocks and groin, all areas with a high concentration of sweat glands.

Causes of Groin Sweating

Sweating in the groin area, also known as groin hyperhydrosis, has no specific cause currently identified. The reasons behind excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) lie within the physiological make-up of a person. The main trigger is considered to be the over-action of the sympathetic nervous system (the section of our nervous system that governs the fight-or-flight response). Hot weather and an active lifestyle also lead to increased instances of groin sweating, but this is just our bodies natural reaction. Obesity can also contribute to the problem.

Preventing Sweating in the Groin Area

There is no complete cure for groin hyperhidrosis but the are many products available that can help to reduce the sweating and discomfort associated with the condition.

Antiperspirants. A high-strength antiperspirant containing 10-20% aluminium chloride is always a good first step when dealing with excessive sweating. Odaban Antiperspirant Pump Spray contains 20% aluminium chloride and can be used anywhere on the body. It is allergy-free and the natural pump spray means that it is free from chemical propellants, which is good news when applying to delicate areas (please note that when applying Odaban to the skin near the genital or facial area use a cotton pad to apply to the skin. DO NOT spray directly onto the area).

Another good antiperspirant product is Neat 3B Action Cream. Neat 3B Action Cream is a dual-action antiperspirant and emollient that, sweating aside, helps prevent related conditions such as sweat rash, chafing and fungal skin infections from developing. Its easy-to-apply cream formula makes it ideal for use in places such as the groin, breasts and buttocks.

Absorbent powders. A good absorbent powder will help to soak up excess moisture and help to prevent odour and chafing. Zeasorb is an effective absorbent powder that contains an antiperspirant. It is specifically designed to absorb excess moisture in the groin, feet, armpits and skin-fold areas. Vagisil Feminine Powder is a 100% talc free product created to absorb both moisture and odour around the groin. It contains a natural deodorant to eliminate unpleasant odours and a moisture shield that protects the skin from chafing and irritation. Medicated powders like Cuticura and Lanacane Medicated Body Powder not only keep you dry, but they also help sooth minor skin irritations and help prevent infection.

Fungal Infections of the Groin

Imbalances in the skin flora caused by excessive sweating and the associated irritation can lead to fungal skin infections around the groin, such as jock itch (tinea cruris) and thrush of the skin folds (candidal intertrigo). Dealing with your excessive sweating is the best way of helping to prevent occurrences of these conditions.
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  • Odaban Antiperspirant Pump Spray 30ml

    Odaban Antiperspirant Pump Spray 30ml

    Powerful antiperspirant spray

    Odaban is a tried and trusted pharmacy-strength antiperspirant that has proved to be extremely effective for cases of excessive sweating. It can be used all over, making it ideal for sweating in delicate or hard to reach areas such as the groin, palms, face and between the toes.

    (incl VAT)
  • Vagisil Feminine Powder 100g

    Vagisil Feminine Powder 100g

    Absorbs moisture & odour around the groin

    For those who may become sweaty in and around the groin, Vagisil Powder acts to protect the skin from rubbing and chafing. It also offers excellent absorbency, more so than regular talcum powder.

    (incl VAT)