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Colief Infant Drops 7ml

Product code: 2668721
(incl VAT)
Colief Infant Drops represent an entirely new approach to the problem of infant colic. New research shows that transient lactase deficiency is a causative factor in many babies with colic.
The active ingredient in Colief is Lactase Enzyme, which breaks down the lactose in the baby's milk naturally, making it easier to digest.

So, instead of attempting to treat the symptoms of colic, Colief Infant Drops allow children with transient lactase deficiency to enjoy their usual breast or bottle feed whilst significantly reducing the digestive discomfort associated with colic.

Colief is added to the baby's milk before the baby is fed: Colief treats the milk - not the baby.
  • Using Colief reduces the lactose load of the baby's feed by up to 70%
  • Colief is equally effective in both formula and breast milk
  • In the latest research, up to 40% of infants with with colic responded positively to being milk treated with Colief
  • Colief is a food supplement, not a medicine
  • Colief is an entirely natural product which is safe from birth
Colief is approved by the ACBS for prescription by Doctors on the NHS

Glycerol, water and lactase enzyme.

Instructions for use:
If bottle feeding add the drops to the baby's usual milk four hours before feeding. If breast feeding add the drops to a little expressed breast milk immediately before feeding.

For more information on colic, please visit our colic advice page.